Braden Grier.

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I've been in the hospital for the past week. Doctors have been making sure I was okay and I've been visiting Braden. We have set everything up in the apartment for him. Nash has been back and forth with magcon and its kinda getting hard. I get to bring Braden home today and Nash has to leave again tomorrow. So the first day home with Braden will probably be really hard. Nash is on his way to pick us up now. I looked at Braden. He's fast asleep in my arms wrapped up in a blanket.

"Hey!" Nash came and kissed me.

"You ready?" Nash came in and grabbed Braden.

"Yeah. Lets go." I kissed him on the cheek. I picked up the baby bag and grabbed my phone. Nash put Braden into his car seat and we drove off.

Once we got back to the house we put Braden in his room. Sage wasn't home so Nash and I decided to do something. That we haven't done in a while. But this time we made sure to be careful.


Later that night.

"So. Tomorrow night I have to leave again." Nash came down and sat next to me on the couch.

"Yes I know. But do you have to go?" I laid my head on his shoulder.

"Yes. We have magcon in two days." He put his arm around me.

"Than tomorrow lets do something. Like.... We can go to my parents private island!" I suggested.

"But what about Braden. If we're gonna have a get away we need to take the baby." Nash held my hand.

"Ill see if Sage can watch him." I got up and grabbed my phone.

Jordan: hey Sage. Just wondering, can you watch Braden tomorrow?

Sage: it's your first day with him home ad your already trying to get rid of him.

Jordan: I just wanna get away with Nash tomorrow and we wanna be alone. Come on please.

Sage: I'm sorry but I can't I have a meet and great thing tomorrow with Matt.

Jordan: okay.

"Sage said no. She's doing something with Matt tomorrow." I laid down on his lap.

"How about Grace?" Nash said.

"Okay." I called her.

"Hey Grace. Can you do me a huge favor?" I asked.

"Sure what is it?" she asked.

"Can you watch Braden tomorrow? Nash and I need to do something very important and we can't have the baby with us."

"Oooo. I can't do that. I'm going to work tomorrow. But there's this daycare center that I take Zack and Kholé too. If you want I can take Braden there tomorrow?" she asked.

"Well I'll come with and check the place out. When do you have to be at work?"

"9 so come over to my place at around 7:30. Tomorrow morning."

"Okay thanks I owe you one!!" I hung up the phone.

"Okay. So tomorrow the island?" Nash asked.

"Yep" I kissed him than we went up to bed.


Early morning.

It's 3:00 in the morning. I wake up to the sound of Braden crying threw the baby monitor. I tried getting Nash to wake up but he wouldn't. I threw a pillow at him there was no sound. So I got up and went to Braden's room. As I opened the door to Braden's room I noticed Nash was in the rocking chair with Braden. Nash had a bottle in one hand and Braden in the other.

"Well good morning." Nash smirked.

"Weren't you just asleep in the bed."

"No I've been in here for the past 20 minutes. "

"Oh. " I scratched my head a little confused.

"Just go back to bed sleeping beauty. " Nash put Braden in his bed. "Come on let's go." Nash picked me up bridal style and we went back to our room.

He threw me on the bed, "come we have a big day tomorrow. " Nash laughed.

"Yeah it's full of relaxing and sitting by a beach." I pulled him closer and started kissing him. I heard my closet door open a little, but I continued kissing Nash. But I heard it again this time a little louder. I opened one eye and saw that the light was on and than a shadow. I stopped kissing for I was scared out of my mind. We have a baby in the next room and not knowing who's in there is freakin scary.

"What's wrong?" Nash noticed I stopped kissing.

"There's someone in the closet." I whispered pulling the cover over me.

"There's no one in the closet." Nash got up going to see if an one was in there, but the minute he got close to the door the light went off.

"ALRIGHT WHO'S EVER IN THERE COME OUT NOW. I'VE ALREADY CALLED THE COPS AND THERE ON THERE WAY!!" Nash yelled holing Connors baseball bat. Witch I really don't know why I have, but it looks like its coming in handy now.

"Alright alright." Someone said from inside the closet.

Out came Hayes.

"Dude what are you doing in there? how did you get here?" I asked getting out of the bed and stood next to Nash.

"I don't know." He shrugged his shoulders, "but I do know that you guys are taking me with you to the private island."

"No were not. Wait how did you know about that?" I asked.

"I over heard you to talking in the family room. " Hayes said.

"How long have you been here?" nash asked.

"All day. I've been in the spare bedroom." Hayes pointed, "anyways when do we leave for our flight?"

"Your not coming with!" Nash yelled.

"Ohh yeah. Well if you don't let me come I'm telling Mark that you have a kid me then youll get kicked out of magcon!" Hayes yelled back waking up Braden.

"Smooth" I said.

"You wouldn't dare" Nash said.

"Watch me." Hayes pulled out his phone and started calling Mark.

"Okay okay you can come." Nash said. Hayes hung up the phone and left the room.

"Uggh!" I walked out to Braden's room.

"What?!" Nash yelled back.


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