Chapter 1 (When It All Struck Down)

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It all happened, when my family was murdered. We were all playing Chutes and Ladders. A board game we would all play every Friday night. Until now.

We heard a knock at the door. "Who's that?" My brother, Caleb, asked.

My father simply replied, "I have no clue. I'll check," he then went to the door unlocked it and opened up. A couple of men, 3 to be exact, jumped in the house. "Get them!" The tallest of them yelled. We all were taken aback, "Danielle! Caleb! Get to your rooms!" He yelled.

Caleb and I ran upstairs. We heard a gunshot, a scream, and a thump. Caleb and I looked down. My father was on the ground, blood pooling around his body, dead. Caleb pulled me up stairs. Another gunshot right after he closed the door. My mother was now dead. Caleb took his phone out and dialed 911. They answered asking, "This is 911, police, what is your situation?" An operator asked.

"My name is Caleb Sears, and I-" was all he got out. A man took out his rifle and shot him. The man looked at me. I froze. Then the sound of a gun shot, the warmth and tang of my blood spilling out my body. My whole family was dead...

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