Trouble with Papa

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That night, I set up my bed and my room. And still no text from Luke. I was really hoping he would text. My mom called me from the kitchen.

"Lola! Dinner is ready!" I went to the kitchen there was some chicken and rice on the plate.

"Thanks mom." I said bluntly.

"What's wrong hun?" my mom asked putting her hand on mine.

"Its' just that-" I got cut off by a hard banging on the door.

"What the hell?!" my mom screamed. I was scared. it was dark outside and who would be knocking on the door so late?

My mom answered the door and there was my father all drunk grabbing my mom's bicep. He started shaking her back and forth.

"Dad stop shaking mom!!!" I yelled at him. I got up off of the chair from the table and ran to stop him. Right when I tried to stop him, he slashed the back of his hand across my face. I flew back and hit the floor landing on my bottom. My face stung so bad from the hit, all I can do wad sit there crying and holding my face.

"Why did you and Lola leave me!!" he screamed at my mother's face.

"We talked about this already! We got a divorce, remember!!?" My dad was so drunk that he doesn't remember anything.

"Dad! Please just stop! Stop abusing mom and I. Stop drinking! JUST STOP!!" That's it, he let go of my mom's arm and he started walking over to me. But my mom ran up from the back and jumped on him. I got my cellphone out and dialled 9-1-1.

The police came in a few minutes. I was still on the floor with a wet face and red cheek. My mom was able to get my father on the floor. He was passed out. The police came in and saw the scene. They asked my mom and I a few questions and then took my father.

"Mom, I need to go for a walk. Hopefully it'll get my mind off of what just happened."

My mom hugged me and held me in her arms, " Ok, Lola. I am so sorry what just happe-"

"No mom, don't say sorry. This was just all a surprise." I gave my mom a quick squeeze and let go.

"I love you Lola."

"I love you too, mom." I gave her a very small smile and walked out the door into the cold night.

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