Triston Marez died that Wednesday evening at 8:12 pm.

His grandmother,the rest of his family,and his friends showed up 23 minutes later. I was still in the room crying when they walked in. When his grandmother saw him....she broke down. And the rest just stood there in shock.

Eliza-his grandmother-walked over to me and put her arms around me and we cried together. I didn't even know her,but I felt so close to her at that moment.

  The funeral was two days later at 2:45 in the afternoon. He was wearing his favorite set of clothes,and there were pictures of him and his parents,by himself,me and him,him and his friends.There were a lot of pictures. And he looked so handsome. I still loved him.

                                                             .         .         .         .

After I graduated high school, I left Nashville. I went to college and got a degree in music, psychology,and cardiovascular health. I met a very nice,handsome,and sophisticated man that was majoring in music production.

I dated him for 2 years and then married him. I fell in love with him. We have 3 kids. We live in a small town in Georgia. He works in a recording studio; I work with him and in a psychologist office helping kids that have been through diseases or still going through their diseases. I feel good when I see them smile.

                                                                  .          .           .          .

I'm doing what Triston wanted me to do. I cried,it hurt,and then I moved on. I lived my life.

  Triston changed my life. In more ways than one. He made me happier;he made me see things differently. I loved him. He was amazing.

  Triston Marez was my first love,and he would always be the best. In the last year and a half of his life he had made an impact even if was on only one person.

   He once told me that what matters in life is making an impact no matter if it was one person or a million. I live by that. I try to make my impact in every person that I meet.

   Triston Marez was handsome,smart,funny,and caring. He went through a lot in a little over 18 years. And he taught me the meaning of forever.

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