April 7, 2014

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Today was absolutely horrible. I had originally went to school confident about my chemistry test, but once I hit school ground, it suddenly hit me. A grimm breeze, pushing against me, attempting to break me and make me weak. It worked. By the time it was break time, I was sure I was going to fail even though I had studied for 4 days in a row. The students in the class before mine that took the test, came out with gloomy faces and said that they didn't even get time to finish the test because it was so difficult. By that time, I told myself that I studied as best as I could, and I let my future be in the hands of the lord, o'mighty. 

During the test, I was rushing through my tests and I was afraid that I hadn't done the calculations or procedures right, I was frightened. My final grade depended on this one test and I slowly started to lose all hope. My friend was crying when the teacher was passing out the tests and she didn't even bother looking at her, she just continued on and I was laughing so hard because we were crying and we were stressed out over a test. Not many teenagers cry over such things and it was funny to me. 

My other quiz went well though, and I really hope that I did well on my chemistry test because I truly did my best on it and I hope my grades can increase and go up. I just can't afford another quarter of this crap. I literally did not sleep this whole month and I am ready for spring break already, I'm just like come at me bro. 

Tomorrow I am watching GOT with a friend and i'm super excited because the episode originally came out today and everyone was having little premiere parties and it was all so cute. I love GOT and what I love even more about that show is Rob Stark and Jon Snow if you know what I mean ;)

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