Chapter 75

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(Jessica's Pov)

Niall invited me to sleep at his apartment tonight. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't. I still haven't heard from Luke and I so badly needed to know he was alright. But of course once I explained what was happening with Luke, he was eager to know why Luke disappeared. I didn't want to tell him that Luke was all over me, but we are starting fresh and that means being honest.

"Well uh, Luke still wanted me,"I tell Niall as we sit in the warm car.

"Did you tell him he can't have you," he smirks at me, his hand resting on my leg. We are still soaked from the swim and Niall doesn't seem to care that I'm getting his nice Porsche dirty.

"I tried, but he still wanted to kiss me. To make sure I didn't feel anything," I told him, resting my hand on his.

"Did you kiss him," Niall questions with anticipation.

I take in a deep breath, "Well I wanted it all to just stop and for us to be together, so I did," I explain.

Niall's eyes flash with hurt, but it soon evaporates. "Okay," he says, waiting for the rest of the story.

"Luke took it too far. I tried to pull away, but he just kept going," I said. Niall looks away and squeezes his hands into fist.

"Did he touch you," he questions me, trying to contain his boiling anger.

"He started to lift up my shirt, but I stopped him and he ran away," I honestly tell him. I don't want to tattle on my best friend, but Niall needs to know. Like I said, no more secrets.

"Shit," Niall says sharply, smacking his fist against steering wheel. His breathing increases, but soon calms. He actually looks really cute when he's angry.

"It's okay now," I try to lighten the conversation. "We are together, that's all that matters," I intertwine our fingers, bringing Niall's attention to me again.

"You're right," he says, giving me a small kiss.

"I know you aren't going to be happy, but we need to find Luke," I said. He reluctantly nods his head as we speed off. We will first stop at Luke's place to get all refreshed and then head off into the town. I have a bad feeling he's at a bar. I mean, when your life is getting shitty, you need to forget. I need a nice drink one day.


After taking a shower and getting into not wet clothes, we are off to the closest bar. Niall hasn't complained which is a good sign. I know they don't get along and the least he can do is cooperate with me. It's a good thing Niall is understanding.

"But if he touches you, I will beat him," Niall grits his teeth, his grip tightening around the wheel.

"He won't," I assured him. I honestly don't know what he would do. Luke has been very unpredictable lately.

It was quiet until we pulled into the bar parking lot. Niall put on a hood, just incase there were fans or paparazzi.

Niall unlocked the doors as we both exited the car. My heart was pounding even though I was just going to talk to my best friend. I was nervous, but also frightened. What he did to me yesterday scared me a little.

Niall came around the other side and put his arm around me, giving my cheek a little peck.

We made our way to the door, music was heard from inside the bar. Niall pushed open the door, guiding me inside the small, content bar. My eyes scanned the bar, looking from the pool table to the stools. My eyes landed on a head full of shaggy blonde hair. I knew that was Luke. My heals clicked on the wooden floor as I walked over to him.

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