dont fall for me cus' i wont catch you

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(the morning after the night before)

Blake's pov;

I woke up, my head was pounding and every bone in my body ached. last night was crazy I saw a completely different side of Anne and I don't think iv ever drunk so much in my life. there were really bad vibes down at the lake, I swear something wasn't right but oh well we were all totally out of it! I went over to the bathroom and fixed my bedhead and put my snakebites back in so they wouldn't close up.

I walked over to Anne's room, it was a retro theme with ac/dc, death leopard and pink Floyd  posters plastered on the walls. there was a dream catcher by the window and a record player under it with a huge stack of vinyl's standing a few feet away from it. I walked over to her bed. she was lying there in just her thong and bra. her bleach blond locks laid out on each side of her. she really did look like an angel.

her eyes flicked open and she smiled at me. she moved over signalling for me to join her. As I laid awkwardly next to her she lit a fag. "I never knew you smoked" I said, shocked. "only on hang overs" she reassured me.  she started to shiver so I put my arm around her. she put out her cigarette and leaned into me. "where's your mum?"  I asked trying to break the awkward silence. "she'll be away with work for the next week". she whispered, sounding weak and venerable. I moved my bangs out of my face and looked deep into her eyes...they were round like the moon, sparkling like the stars but they held so may untold story's...   

"I really do love you Anne..." I whispered against her lips. to my surprise she pushed me away and sat up strait. "no you don't! all ill do is break your heart" she was suddenly in tears. despite my attempts of comforting her, she didn't stop for at least 10 minutes then she stood up. "don't fall for me Blake       cus' I swear I wont catch you" she screamed, tears rolling down her face. she was just as shocked as I was. "I-I just don't w-want you to g-get hurt" she said in-between sobs.

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