Let Love Grow

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I'm sorry it took my so long to update, I hope you're not too mad! -ariadnelovesniall

I've been up, crying. This has to be a nightmare. What'd I do to deserve to be cheated on? I know I didn't give it up, but it's my choice.. Isn't it? I don't honestly want to show my face in school but I know that if I don't, they will think I'm a pathetic.

"Sam baby get up" my mom says. She knows how down I've been, obviously, she's been though it. With my dad cheating and her not being able to move on, I should've know it'd soon happen to me. although I will not be a lonely cat lady. Heck no. I refuse. Although a cat would be better company than a cheating whore-dog.

All I had to do was look up before mom said "Or you can stay home with your mama, I'd love to have your company. " She sighed " baby I know it hurts, but let's face it, if he didn't ever cheat you wouldn't have an opportunity to meet a better guy"

" But you never did, I don't want to be alone mommy" I sobbed

" You'll never be alone baby, you'll always have me and your sister. plus, we're better than some dumbass!"

I chuckled.

"Thank you mama, but I think I'm going to go to school. I want to show him I'm better without him"

"Good for you baby, not get ready" she pats my leg and leaves. soon as she's gone I get up and put on a favorite pair of my high wasters and a crop top. I head into the bathroom to lightly curl my hair. There's no way I will let myself go. After all, I can find someone better. I didn't love him did I? No, not if I even have to think about it.

As soon as I'm ready, I grab my car keys and I head to school. I turn on my phone, being as if I left it off all night. It cuts on with 47 missed calls, 10 texts, two from Demi. I deleted the folder of Ross's so I wouldn't fall for his bullshit, and I opened the ones from Demi. "Hey babe, I heard what happened. Spend the night party tonight? I'll buy ice cream :)" she must have sent these this morning. I replied with a " You know it! Horror movies too! Thank you babe!"

I pulled up to the Devils playpen called High School. I get out of my car and I walk to the front door when I hear "Sam baby, wait up!" I'd be a fool not to know who it was. "Leave me alone asshole" I kept walking.

"Baby I'm sorry" he said as he approached me.

"I want nothing to do with you, didn't you hear me yesterday? I cheated. why would I want you back if I don't love you?" I can tell that hurt. Ha ha bitch!

"Sam baby, you don't mean that..."

"Goodbye Ross" he stopped walking as I continued on into the school. he's beyond crazy if he think I'm going to forgive him.

I walk to my locker, and as I grabbed my books Niall walked up.

"So, I heard hat happened buttercup. I'm sorry to say that I'm glad he doesn't have you anymore" jerk. I just got heartbroken an all he can say that he's glad it happened?

"Wow" was all I could say.

"Buttercup, you know I'm not happy he hurt you. I could kick his ass? "

" No, that's okay. but you should catch up with Ali. she's more your type" I said as I walked off.

I walk into fist block and sat down.

"Hey um, my names Jared" I look up to a brown haired brown eyed boy.

"Oh hi, I'm sam" I smiled and looked down.

"I.. I know, I mean I've heard of you before.. "

"Oh well I guess you heard I've been cheated on an you're going to try and hit on me. Sorry I'm really not interested."

"No.. not at all. I just was scared to talk to you before."

" Oh sorry, like I said I've been cheated on and it just really isn't my week. I didn't mean to be snappy "

"It's okay. I understand. do you mind if I sit here?"

"No not at all" I smiled. he looks like a sweet guy but it's weird how I've never heard from him until now. We started talking about different things, although we got in trouble a few times by the teacher. He's actually pretty cool. I actually like him, we could be really good friends.

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