My Weird Brother ( Sam Jones ) XD

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He's so weird... even though were twins.. I'm 19 seconds older than him which is funny to some people xD a lot of people *-*

He's weird because when he wants something, he stares at it and bites his lip XD Yes Sam, I watch you.. O-o XD I'm your sister ._.

Like, were at the store and he's looking at something biting his lip crossing his arms and my Mums like: Samuel, let's go... not getting that today... XDD

My Mum is embarrassing to us XD *~*

Now that Sam and I are in middle school, I think its getting worse and worse.... *-*

But once dinner is ready we put all of that in the past XD

Just kidding, her food isn't that good *-* xD

Anyways, my brother had his first kiss in first grade... I think... o-o

Really? First grade? In first grade the only thing you worry about is if you can count to 100 not your first kiss u-u

Now looking back, he was desperate xD

I remember when we were both 5 and I told Sam "Go get dressed, were going out for dinner tonight."

He replied by saying "Get dressed? I look fine."

I replied "You have no shoes on... "

And he said "I can go like this... I don't tare"

He couldn't say "care" so he said "tare" XD He thought he was so cool he could at least say THAT XDD

I remember that day... ha

Don't worry, he can say "care" right today xD

Speaking of today ( the year 2014 ) well duh... XD

He has an awesome girlfriend named Macy, but I call her Ducky :P xD

In Sam's entire life so far he has had only two girlfriends, Kendra and Macy... Kendra and him happened in 2012 XD

She had brown medium length hair... it wasn't really brown... more like caramel.. xD and green/hazel eyes, I thought she was very pretty. so did Sam, but evantually they broke up and I think in 2013 Sam met Macy, and their still together today... I say once again ( the year 2014 ) XD

Sam likes making girls smile... Not me though... XD He hasn't made me smile since like 2009 when he played hopscotch in his boxers XD

Yes Sam, I just said that on the internet ;) XDD

He pouts a lot... more now then he did in preschool ^-^ XD

We can be at Stater brothers and he just walks around complaining about nothing *-* nothing, I say... XD

He's dramatic.... he says he isn't and I am, but he is folks ^_^ xD

He is such a clean freak o.O

He could finish sweeping the floor and I bring Bagel ( our Dog that's a beagle XD ) inside the house with mud on his paws and Sam starts to kneel down and being like "The floor! Katie! MOM!!!?!! The precious floor...." XD

Yes, I said that too Sam ;) XD

Anyways, the only people Sam likes to tease are his friends and me... mostly friends because they can't tell on him XD

When him and Kendra were dating, he teased her... a lot.


I liked them as a couple, but then the best day of my life came... Kendra had to move back to Minneapolis, Minnesota xD

But before that, Sam and her had a fight-

Sam, I'm going to show you some grace by not saying what you guys were fighting about :D XD

So they both broke up with each other... I don't know who exactly said it but today ( 2014 PEOPLE o-o ) Sam says he broke up with her.


If I ever talk to Kendra again she will probably be like "No... I broke up with him.." XD haha

Sam blushes when a girl runs her fingers through his hair. He can't control not blushing XD

Every time Kendra did that to his hair, I had to gag. Sometimes, worse o.o


WAITTT!!! O-O I forgot a girlfriend!! :O :O XD

Sorry! Dx Oh boy! xD

Izzy ( Isabella )

First Kendra, then Izzy, and THEN Macy ( Ducky ) XD

So... yeah... XD

I thought Izzy and Sam were a good couple... they didn't date that long... Sam and Kendra dated for.... I don't know how long exactly xD but it was long... Izzy and Sam were like 2 months or less o-e xD

Sam and Macy ( Ducky ) have been dating since August 24 2013 xP

Samuel  Jones & Kathrine Jones born September 6th ( the year? You wish xD )  born in Anaheim, CA at 4:29AM


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