Gaurdian angel

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( Shane's POV)

We walked out of my moms house hand in hand and back into the car.

Shane: now where to?

Joey: well I was thinking we could get some chickenanya

I laughed

Shane: you and your chicken

Joey: it's really good!


At the restaurant

(Joeys POV)

We were sat side by side in a booth outside enjoying the lovley LA weather.

Waiter: Hello my name is Jack and I will be you server for this afternoon can I start you off with some drinks?

Joey: why hello there jack can I get the raspberry tea

Shane: and can I have the strawberry lemonade

Jack nodded in affirmation and walked off

Shane: so what do you want to do for the rest if the day

Joey: I don't know we could do an update vlog

Shane: oh yea! I haven't filmed for a while

He took out his camera and started filming so I did the same

Joey: Why hello there everyone I'm currently sitting at my favorite reasturant with none other than Shane Dawson who is currently vlogging too

So quick update he and Lisa are over and now he has moved in with me! welp ill talk to all of you later good dam bye

I shut my camera off and listened to Shane vlog

He pointed the camera at me then ended the vlog

He smiled at me then he leaned in real close and whispered in my ear.

Joey: * gasp* Shane!

I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks

Shane: love ya

Then he gave me a quick kiss just as our server arrived with the drinks

He set them down and walked away muttering something under his breath

We didn't hear him but apparently the ladies next to us did and started yelling at the guy.

Nice lady 1: How dare you! These nice young men came to eat in peace without any smart ass remarks from you!

Nice lady 2: I have half a mind to put you over my knee!

Nice lady 3: Go get you manager I would like to have a word with him!

He grew red and hurried away

Me and Shane got up and walked over to the group

Joey: thank you for standing up for us that was really nice of you

Shane: yea thank you so much is there any way we could repay you

Nice lady 2: No need hun it was the decent thing to do

We hugged all of them and returned to our table

Joey: wow that's good to know there's still good in this world

Shane: yea I hope to return the favor one day


2 hours later

(Joeys POV)

Joey: Faster shane faster!!

Shane: I can't go any faster!

Shane stopped, panting.

I climbed out of the shopping cart he had been pushing me in.

I rolled my eyes and put a hand on my hip

Joey: you've been running for only 5 minutes

Shane: that's the most exercise I've had in my entire life

He broke out into a smirk

Shane: Get back in

He laughed as I squealed and jumped back in

(Shane POV)

I still can believe that I'm spending my Friday night pushing Joey around town in a shopping cart. it was totally worth it though seeing the joy on his face and hearing him squeal with delight it's like he was a little kid again and I loved how he wasn't so serious all the time I could never get tired of this

Joey: Come on shane faster!!!!

I broke out into a full on sprint whipping around the corner almost sending Joey flying he laughed with excitement and threw his hands in the air. I ran for as long as I could and some more I finally had to stop so I could breathe again. We were in the parking lot of the apartment complex and as soon as I stopped Joey jumped out and ran me upstairs

Yay running

We collapsed on the couch me breathing heavily.

Joey watched me and waited for my breathing to return to normal before attacking my lips. He pulled away his head resting in the crook of my chest.

Joey: Shane....?

Shane: Yea Joey?

Joey: I love you

I broke out into a smile

Shane:I love you too.

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