Chapter 1

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Olivia's P.O.V

" You'll love it here Livy it's perfect" My dad reassured me for the 100th time.

I sighed and sat back in my seat looking out the window at the scenery in front of me. This was the 7th move they made in the last 8 months. And frankly Olivia was getting tired of it. She wanted a real home, go to a nice school and have permanent friends. she understands that her dad's been through a lot but what about her for a change. Losing her mother was the hardest thing she ever had to do and moving wasn't helping any of it.

"We're here" He said happily as the car pulled to a stop

She looked out the window at a tall building in front of her. It had shiny glass windows that reflected of the sun. she had to admit it looked pretty nice.

"I'll get the bags, can you go check in for us?" Dad asked

"Sure" I said with a nod and got out the car. I walked slowly to the entrance simply amazed by the buildings beauty. I've always wanted to live in New York my whole life secretly. I was really annoyed by the moves before but this one might not be so bad. I was still walking and looking around when I ran into a hard structure. Causing me to fall back.

"Ouch, what's your probl-" I said stopping in my tracks looking up at the object that hit me.

It was a teenage guy. He had a aggravated look on his face but that wasn't changed by the fact that he was absolutely gorgeous. He had dark brown hair almost black looking with piercing blue eyes and a scowl planted on his enticing lips.

"Watch where you're going next time" He said suddenly making me startle from my thoughts

His comment made me fume considering he was the one who walked into me first.

"It wasn't my fault, you're the idiot who ran into me" Completely ignoring the fact that I was still on the floor.

I had a minor scrape on my knee that wasn't too bad nor did it hurt. I guess the guy saw it and his look softened. he offered a hand out to me to help me up but I was still outrage by his comment.

"No Thank you" I said politely as I could while standing up on my own brushing off my shorts

His face went back to the first expression and he retracted his hand back quickly.

"Whatever" He said as he walked away and down the cross way leading to the parking lot.

"Jerk" I mumbled to myself looking at him go. First day here and I already have an enemy. I continued walking on the cross path towards the entrance to the building. Once there I opened the entrance door and immediately started gawking again. The lobby was even beautiful! It had leather seats in the common area, A convenient refreshment table with delicious looking treats, And a huge glass chandelier hung way up on the ceiling reflecting of beautiful colors that lit up the entire room.

"May I help you miss" A middle aged woman asked from the Lobby Desk.

"Uh ya I think.." I said trailing off still looking around

"Miss?" She said starting to grow impatient. Was everyone in New York grumpy?

"Oh sorry" I said with a embarrassed smile "Um me and my dad.. Uh Blake Thompson I mean are moving here" I managed to sputter out mentally cursing at myself for sounding stupid.

"Yes, ah here you are" She said as she went into a drawer and pulled out some paperwork and a key. She handed me a pen and pushed the papers toward me.

"Isn't my dad supposed to sign these" I asked

"You are the daughter correct?" She asked with a scowl

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