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One day there was a young man. His name was joe and he was 23. Joe lived all alone in a small cottage in the countryside. Joe always wanted to have children, a wife and a family but he hadnt met the right person yet. The next day a woman moved next door to him, her name was Evelyn and she was beautiful. He went over to her house with some cakes he had made, to start a friendship. When she opened the door it was love at first sight.

4 months later they got married. Evelyn moved into Joe's house and they had 2 beautiful children called Alyssa and Abigail. They were so happy together , their whole family.

It was 2 weeks later when Alyssa found an old trunk in Joe's cellar. Joe was a bit concerned, seeing as there never was a trunk in his cellar before, but he smiled and the family gathered round to open it. Evelyn took off the lid and a blast of air came out pushing Evelyn, Alyssa and Abigail onto the floor. Joe stayed strong and managed to stay on his feet. Suddenly some kind of orb flew out of the trunk. It went strait into joe's head. He stopped moving. His eyes darkened. He walked over to Evelyn, who was lying on the floor, helpless. He kicked her in the stomach. She cried out in pain. Joe took a knife and placed it on her forehead. She panicked and started to heavily breathe but he jabbed it into her head. He pulled out her brains and licked the blood off it. Then he started to eat it. His daughters watched, horrified. Abigail fainted and Alyssa just watched, unable to move her eyes from the scene. He walked over to unconscious Abigail. He stuck his knife into her eyeballs and ate them off the end of his knife. Alyssa was sick. He walked over to Alyssa next.

6 days after, the house was found. Evelyn with her brain missing, Abigail with her eves missing, but just a pool of blood where Alyssa lay.

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