Michael || Ashley

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You hated this class it was hell everyday. He knew he tortured you everyday, by the slight smirk on his face he enjoyed it. The bell rang signaling class was about to start. You put your head down not wanting to look him in the eyes. Just the slightest eye contact he would make the embarrassment a little more unbearable then before.

Luckily he didn't pay attention as you heard his shoes against the floor as he walked to his seat. Raising your head as you think that maybe today he wouldn't start anything. But that thought soon vanished as he yelled the nickname he gave you in front of the whole class. You sigh knowing you could never get a break. He never stopped he began pelting you with wads of paper as he called you names that would leave anyone in the urge of suicide.

Stick up for yourself.

You took a deep breath before looking around making sure the teacher wasn't around. You hated how she was never in class but you were thankful for it today. You stood up from your seat, turning you started to walk towards Michael's table.

"Aw did I hurt your feelings?" He mocked you as you made your way up to him.

"Shut up!"

His eyes widened at your voice. You were shocked yourself but decided to finally say what you wanted to say for so long. "Why pick on me every hour of the day? do not have nothin better to do with your time?"

He blinks at you a couple of tikes before standing to his feet. You swollen the lump in your throat as he walks around his desk till he is facing you. "Growing up now are we Ashley?" A smirk stays placed on his face. He's amused?

"Fuck you!" You shout soon grabbing the whole classes attention. No one says anything. He just stares at you as the smile soon vanishes. "You are pathetic do you know that? I swear you need to find another hobby because I'm not taking your shit anymore!"

"I-I" He began to stutter but you held up your hand signaling him your not finished.

"Piece of shit really - "

You stood their frozen as he kissed you. You didn't know what was going on. His hands were on both sides of your face as he continued to kiss you. Before you could react or anything he pulls away. "Can you be quiet for a minute."

He asked as his face still inches from yours. You blink at him, he takes your silence as an opportunity to explain. "I like you Ashley. I pick and pry at you everyday because I can't find the words to explain it to you. I've felt this way since we were six."

Six? That's the year he put bubble fun in your hair. He liked you then? You swore that he always hated you.

"I knew you always believed I was a piece of shit but maybe something deep down in you will give me chance to show you how I really am."

His words......does he really mean them? You look up at him and his eye just sparkle. He means it, he has to. "Don't make me regret this." You mutter before placing your hands on the back of his neck and bring his lips to yours once more. You feel his smile into the kiss as you kiss back.

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