Chapter 7

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Rythian came to school early. He need to think things through from the day before. So, he sat in his usual spot by his locker and pulled out his notebook. He flipped to a blank page. Now, he closed his eyes and cleared his mind. He was going to draw randomly to see what he would come up with.

ZOEY 8:17 SEPTEMBER 29, 2013

Zoey decided to come to school early. She needed to think about Duncan. She was walking towards her locker when she saw Rythian. He was sat by his locker with his eyes closed drawing in his notebook. Zoey thought Rythian must have not have heard her as his eyes were still closed. She decided to sneak up on him to see what he was drawing. She walked closer. She peered over to see what he was drawing. It looked like... a mushroom. All the sudden she dropped her backpack. Rythian slammed his notebook shut and opened his eyes. He looked up at Zoey.

" Jesus Christ Zoey, you scared me!" he screamed.

" Sorry," she apologized " I just wanted to see what you were drawing."

"Oh," he simply replied " I don't even know what I was drawing."

" Really?" she inquired.

" Yea, I was letting my hands do the work." he said.

" Well, I know what you were drawing." Zoey said.

A look of surprise and embarrassment pops on his face.

" It was a mushroom!" she told him.

" Really?" he had a hint of nervousness in his voice.

" Yes really," she giggled " why would I lie?"

" I don't know." he admitted.

" Can I see your other drawings?" she asked.

" I.. um" he stuttered.

" You don't have to if you don't want to." she said with reassurance.

" No it's fine," he said quickly " I just have never shown them to anyone else before..."

Rythian opened his notebook. There was many drawings. Many good drawings. Some were of people, some were of places, others of things. He flipped through his book. On one page was a drawing of a person that looked like her. He flipped past this page fast. She looked up a little to see him blushing over the top of his mask. She stopped him from turning to the next page and flipped back. She looked at the picture. It was defiantly her. The picture was really well drawn. It was very detailed. She looked slightly over at Rythian. He had a look of embarrassment on his face.

" This is really good." she simply said " and your very good at drawing."

" You think so?" he asked.

" Yes," she said "your really awesome at drawing!"

" Thanks." he said.

They kept flipping through the pages. There were also some more pictures of her. They finally flipped to the last page. The one with the mushroom. But when she looked over at Rythian, he already was looking at her. With some sort of emotion in his eyes. He looked more comfortable. She smiled. Zoey saw he smiled back through his mask.


He looked over at Zoey. She had a look of fascination on her face. Then Zoey looked up at him. He looked into her beautiful green eyes. He saw a look of compassion in her eyes. There was also something else Rythian couldn't put his finger on.

He started leaning in. So did Zoey. When he realized what he was doing he stopped.

" We should probably get to class." he suggested.

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