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John and I went out several times after that night. Slowly, very slowly, he began to heal. He still had episodes occasionally, times where he’d cry out and fall to the floor, screaming Sherlock’s name. In times like these, all I could do was hold him.

Episodes were becoming more and more rare as the weeks passed. Soon, we’d been dating for two months. The time passed faster than I realized.

On our two-month anniversary, John approached me with something that he hadn’t brought up since our first meeting.

“Mai, can we talk?” He asked, standing beside his chair. I was sitting on the couch, reading The Two Towers. I placed the book down on my lap and grinned sleepily up at him.

"Yeah, sure, come sit.” I motioned to the couch.

I didn’t live at Baker Street, but I spent a great deal of time there. Katie and Dan made fun of me constantly for practically moving in with John, but it wasn’t like that. It wasn’t about living there. I just wanted to be near him constantly, to make sure that he was okay. What was the point of spending most of my time at home if I’d spend it worrying about him?

“I know we haven’t spoken about him in months,” John started nervously, “but I’d like to now.”

I closed my eyes, preparing myself for the conversation that was to come. I knew what John would ask of me, and I wasn’t ready for it. I’d thought that during these months, he’d been better. I’d thought that he accepted Sherlock’s death.

“When we first met, I asked you for help.” John continued, a more determined expression on his face. “I’m asking you again, Mai.”

He saw the look of my face and hurried to explain himself. “This isn’t about finding him, Mai, I know he’s dead. God, I know he’s dead. This is about proving that he’s innocent.”

I exhaled deeply, glad that this was something I could handle. John smiled at my reaction and took my hands.

"Please, Mai, help me prove this. I may have given up on believing he’s alive, but I would never forgive myself if I let the world believe that he’s a fake. There has to be a way of clearing his name, there has to be.”

I nodded quickly, trying to calm his frantic demeanor, sensing another episode occurring if he kept going.

“I understand, John. Of course I’ll help you. I want his name cleared too. Remember, I am his biggest fan.” I waggled my eyebrows at him, earning a laugh. I really loved his laugh.

“Okay. Okay, what do we do?” He asked. I rolled my eyes. Typical John, begging for my help in something he had no idea how to do.

“Fine, I’ll be the leader of this expedition, Dr. Watson, seeing as how you are incapable.” It was his turn to roll his eyes, something that seemed to be a natural instinct for him.   

“Alright, captain, what do we do first?” he asked sarcastically. I straightened up a little at the title, pride flowing through my veins. Pride always had been my fatal flaw.

“I prefer supreme master, but captain will have to suffice. For now.” I added with a wink.

John leaned over and kissed me lightly. I felt his smile on my lips. When he pulled back, I raised my eyebrows at him.

“What was that for? Kissing won’t get you out of addressing me properly, you know.” John grinned at my statement, kissing me again. I was surprised, but not disappointed at all.

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