It was what you've been feeling since your brother - Liam Payne - told you that you were accompanying him on tour. You have always wanted to tag along with him but with the new band that has been traveling with him he always answered with a no.

But finally getting your mom to take your side he agreed. Well under one condition; Stay away from the boys of 5 Seconds Of Summer. Promising him was the best option, you really agreed to anything to get him to agree. But keeping this condition was going to be way harder then to thought.


"Listen, there is no bugging the guys, flirting with Harry or hanging around 5SOS. Do you understand.?"

Liam has been going over the "rules" with you for the past hour. He has made clear to not flirt with Harry and stay clear of the 5SOS guys. You nod understanding everything as you already have. You follow closely behind as you guys entered the venue. Some guy rushed up to your brother instructing him on how late he was.

You snickered a little, finding humour in your brothers defence. He glared at you before grabbing your wrist an pulling you towards the dressing room. He knocked a few times.

"You guys dressed?" He questioned before slowly opening the door.

You hear him curse under his breath a he looks around the room. You try pushing Liam out of the way so you could glance in the room.

"Is that Hope?" Niall questions.

Liam gets pushed aside as Niall soon pulls you into a hug. You've missed him. He always kept you occupied when Liam was busy doing something. The other guys soon join in as the give you a little recap on everything that has happened. The whole time you are discussing with then you have this feeling someone is staring at you. You glanced behind you to notice a group of four boys standing in the back not really knowing anything.

Your eyes landed on the blonde one, which you knew was the famous Luke that Liam swore you to stay away from. He smiled at you causing you to blush and turn your attention back to the rest of the guys.

"Guys rehearsal in two minutes." You heard a lady mutter as she leaned in the doorway. All the guys nodded before heading towards the door.

"Hope come on." Liam encouraged. You shook your head not wanting to go anywhere.

He eyed the guys standing behind you before following the rest of the guys.

"So you are the Hope Liam told us to be on out best behaviours around?" The guy with the bandana around his head as you know as Ashton spoke up.

"Liam is a little over protective." You mumble as you look away.

"A little? He threatened us so bad that we are afraid to even glance at you." Michael chuckled before placing himself beside you.

All the guys soon started talking mostly about nothing but you enjoyed their company. You looked over at Luke as he just smiled at you before joining conversation with Calum. Ashton nudged Michael. You could barely here what they were whispering about but as they looked to you before saying something to Calum.

Luke soon directed his attention to you slowly making a conversation. You always had a small crush on him. It was just what kind of person he was. And maybe having your brother to stay away grew the attraction a little more.

"Hope! We got to go, rehearsal is over." Liam's tone was stern as he kept his eyes fixed on Luke who had moved closer to you - you never noticed, yet cared.

You nodded as you looked to Luke who just smiled along with the others. You returned the gesture, but it soon dropped as you saw your brother's stern look. The silence was annoying as you both just walked to the car.

"Don't you have to stay at the arena?" You question hoping to go back and talk to Luke and the rest of the guys.

"I'm taking you to the hotel." He mummers opening the passenger side door for you.

"Liam please let me stay. I'll leave the 5SOS boys alone. Please." You hated to beg but you didn't want to stay bored in a hotel room.

"You better." He groaned as he slammed the door shut and headed back towards the arena.


"So he was going to take you back to the hotel again?" Luke questions leaning back on the sofa.

You two have been distancing yourselves from everyone for a week now. You loved being in his company. It was pleasant. But one thing was for sure if Liam found out that you were here with him he would blow up.

"Yep but we reasoned on something."

"Oh really and that was?"

"Stay away from you and the rest of the boys." You state with a smirk.

"Doesn't seem like you listen very well." Luke smiles as he looks over at you. "Don't worry I don't listen very well either."

You breathing hitched as he leaned in close to you. His breath fanned your face. His eyes stayed locked onto yours. "Can I kiss you?"

You nod afraid words would ruin this moment. His lips brushed against yours. You placed your hands behind his neck bring his lips to yours. He smiles as your lips move against his.

"Hope the show is - What the hell?!" You both pull away as Liam's vice rings through the room.

"Liam listen -"

Liam shot Luke a look soon quieting him down. You looked down at the ground knowing how furious he was going to be. He didn't say anything else as he walked closer to you grabbing your wrist tightly in his before dragging you toward the door. You turned to look at Luke as you whispered sorry. He nodded understanding, well that's what you think.

"Can't believe you!" Liam yells after he shuts the door to a room. "You promised to stay away from him and the others!"

"I like Luke..He's -"

"He's a bad influence. I don't want you around him. I never should have brought you on your with me." You watch as your brother runs his hand through his hair.

"I'll behave and listen. Just please don't send me back home."

"Fine. Go to the dressing room with the other guys I'm going to go have a conversation with Luke."

"Liam don't hurt -"

"Just go!"

You have never seen him so enraged before. It was shocking. You walked towards the guys dressing room. As you opened the door the silence surrounded. No one said anything as they just looked at you. You knew they heard him yelling. You bet everyone heard.

The rest of the tour went by slow, weeks of boring torture. You stayed seated in the guys dressing room as to heard the 5SOS guys goofing off after there performance. You smiles to yourself thinking of Luke. You wanted so badly to go next door and talk to him, all of them. But you promised Liam.

As the guys pulled in after the show you stayed to yourself. They all decided to head back to the hotel but you stayed behind as Liam seemed to want to talk to you.

"I know your mad at me." You didn't even look at him as your eyes stayed focused on your phone. "So I've thought about it."

You heard the door open. You were thinking he was going to leave you alone again. "He brought the happiness out of you I haven't seen in years. And lately I miss your smile."

Looking up you see Luke standing beside him. You didn't know what was going on. But you missed Luke. He was the only guy that liked your stupid jokes, or even yet told many more then you. You walked to him wrapping your arms around him. He hugged you tighter to him.

"Don't hurt her!" You heard Liam whispered to him.

"Oh I wouldn't. I promise."

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