~_~Cathrine's POV~_~

The voice on the other end was not posh, but articulate. 

'Hello' I said back unsure of whose number Brad had given me.

'Who is this?' The voice said on the other end.

'My name is Cathrine, who is this?' I say

'Oh you must be Bradleys sister.' The person said. There was whispering and the voice came back.

'Lets play a game' he said

'Okay' I reply simply

'I will give you clues as to who I am and you will have to guess.' The man explained. By now I had my phone on speaker and everyone was gathered round.

'First clue' he said 'I have brown hair'

'Well that helps' I think to myself

'I have a youtube channel' Well that eliminates some more people.

'I have a flatmate.' Well lots of people do

'I'm british' 

'Well no shit sherlock' I accidentally say out load.

'I will make it harder then.' he says. 'I was born in June'

'Oh hi Dan.' I say almost instantly. 

'Wow, five clues.' He says surprised. 'Brad told me you liked my videos but oh my god.'

'Speaking of Brad, why has he given me your number?' I ask

'Oh yeah, well Brad asked me if you could spend the day with me and Phil as part of your present.' Dan explained 

'Oh thank you Brad' I say hugging Brad, forgetting the I was on speaker. 

'So what day do you want to come down to London?' Dan asked over the phone as Brad held up a train ticket. 

'Well Brad has a train ticket here for the 28th' I explained 'Is that okay?' 

'Yeah sure' Dan says 'Phil is that okay' Dan asks Phil.

'Yeah its fine' I hear Phil say

'Okay, I will see you on the 28th.' I say. 'I will let you go and enjoy your christmas now, bye' I say to Dan

'Bye' Dan says. 

I end the call and screamed. 'Oh my fucking god! I get to spend the day with Dan and Phil!' I shout, dancing around the living room. Next thing I know I was lying on the floor. 'Ouch' I say rubbing my head realizing that I ran in to the wall. Everyone was laughing apart from Tristan and Connor. 

'Are you okay?' Tristan asked me, as Connor picked me up off the floor. 

'Yeah, I'm fine, I just feel a bit light headed thats all.' I say as Connor sat me down on the sofa. 

~Later that night~

This has been the best christmas so far. After we got Connor's ps4 set up, after I almost died by running in to wall, we had dinner but Rosey had to go home. 

'Today was amazing' I said to Connor.

'I totally agree' He replies 'Does your head still hurt?' he adds

'No its fine' I say getting in to bed. 

'Thats good then, you really scared me.' he said getting in to bed next to me. I switch the light off and snuggled in to Connor's bare chest. Connor shuffled a bit then closed his eyes slowly and drifted off to sleep. 

'I love you Connor' I say before I closed my eyes.


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