Chapter 2

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Milan POV
I go into the cafeteria and grab me a plate of fries and a can of sprite then head over to Kimmy and Tiana.

" Damn finally. " Kimmy says.

" What!" I say eating my food.

" Took you long enough. What was you doing fucking Chris?" Tiana says making Kimmy bust out laughing.

" Fuck you." I say laughing.

" But forrreal where was you at?" Kimmy says.

" Talking to August." I say taking a sip of my sprite.

" Hell no! Why?" Tiana says.

" He wanted to apologize and start over." I say.

" So what you say?" Kimmy says taking a fry off my plate.

" I said yes. " I say.

" So y'all go back out?" Tiana says.

" Fuck no! I told him let's take baby steps to get to that level. But yall already know that's not happening. " I say getting up.

" You right with his cheating ass." Tiana says following me out the cafeteria.

" Right." Kimmy says.

" Yall know the new boy Tyga." Tiana says.

We nod our heads.

" He asked me for my number." she says smiling.

" Chris did the same." I say going into class.

" What you say?' Kimmy says sitting in the seat behind me.

" I told him I will think about." I say.

" Girl seriously. I dont even know why you said that cause your ass going to say yes." Tiana says laughing.

" But I honestly really dont know." I say pulling out my textbook.

" Why you say that?" Kimmy says.

" Really guys. I know im cute and shit but out of all girls in this school he can get. He choose me." I say.

" Girl I would choose your ass too. Got a nice body, fat ass, nice personality, and you cute. Everything a boy would want." Tiana says.

I smile and we just talk until the bell rings. Thank goodness im a senior because we get to leave at 12:00pm. Im heading to my car when I hear somebody calling my name I turn around and see Chris.

" Yes sir." I say stopping at my car.

" What about that number?" he says smirking.

" I smile and take his phone then put my number in it and give it back to him.

" I'll text you later." he says.

" Sure." I say turning towards my car.

" No hug or nothing?" he says.

I laugh and go over to hug him then get in my car. Damn this nigga face is just roaming my damn brain.

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