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Major characters - @HearNoelleRoar @PeteZahHutt @KiwiRobot @VanillaMarshmallows

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Everyone else who didn't win can still be in the story if I need characters, so pretty much everyone wins :3

I won't be starting the actual story until later this month at the earliest, but I might just wait until June (lol it'll probably be before then).

Just one more note before I start: In this, factions are like towns, servers are like regions, and mini-games are like sports. Kay that's it :)

~ ~ ~

Skye Jones walks down to the town square of the faction she was currently passing through -- whatever the heck it's name is. It's something stupid, but that's all she remembers since entering a couple days ago for a Survival Games tournament at their mini-game arena.

She stops in front of a building where posters are up, and finds where they feature the players who are going to be competing this week in different mini-games. Of course Domin8 has a little over half a page dedicated to them. They are some of the best mini-gamers on the planet of Minecraft. They aren't the best, but they take up eight of the top 15. Each of them has something that makes them different and badass, whether it's a specialty or ability or just cool features.

As for Skye, she's currently placed at 50 in the top 100 for general mini-gaming, which she doesn't mind. 50 is her favorite number anyway, and just in Survival Games, her placing is 18, so she's okay with how she is.

Skye smiles when she sees her name under "Survival Games," and continues on her way to the mini-game arena, where they're preparing for the game she's about to be in. The arena is designed to be able to switch mini-games with the push of a button. One moment it's set up for something like The Walls, and then next, it's ready for Survival Games. And each time, the map is different, too.
She enters the lobby, where there's just one more minute until the game starts. Sixty seconds later, they're all teleported into the arena and the countdown begins.


Five minutes into the game, and Skye is running through the woods, already with a stone sword, two cooked fish, a chain helmet, leather boots, and one kill. She finds a giant tree that's hollow inside, and goes in without anyone around to follow. It's about two minutes later when she and the remaining players are unexpectedly teleported back to the lobby. Only fourteen are there.

Skye looks around, confused, looking for the other ten. One of the owners of the arena steps forward and says, "It seems that those who are being killed are not respawning. We are going to halt all mini-games until this is figured out."

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