Chapter 2

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Chapter 2:

I step out of the shower and wrap my body in a towel. I throw my damp hair in a messy bun and examine myself in the mirror. My hazel eyes are twinkling and my cheeks are warm with color, again.

Mike left an hour ago so we have could time to get ready for the party. Kelsey came into my room a couple of times begging me to sneak her in with the seniors. Of course, I turned her down flat and I was glad to.

I change into a navy blue hoodie and white shorts. The party is extremely casual so there’s no need to dress up. I blow-dry my hair and straighten it. I hear Mike honk the car horn outside. Smiling to myself, I grab my phone and run out of the house.

Mine is walking up to me. I speed up and wrap my arms around his neck. He holds my waist and lifts me into the air. I giggle and burry my face in his neck. He sets me down and examines me. When he doesn’t answer for a few moments I start getting self-conscious.

“Do I look okay?” I bite my lip.

“You look stunning.” Mike smiles sheepishly and I blush.

“You don’t look so bad yourself.” I say. He looks down at his jeans and white shirt.

“Thanks.” There’s a genuine twinkle in his ice blue eyes.

“Will I look out of place?” I ask.

“Oh, change of plans. I’m taking you somewhere else.” He says.

“And it didn’t dawn on you to mention that before?” I laugh. Mike raises his eyebrow and an evil look crosses his expression.

He throws me over his shoulder playfully and I pound on his back lightly. I kick back but make sure my feet don’t hit him. He chuckles and places me in the passenger seat of his convertible.

By the time Mike gets in the car, I’ve already turned the radio on and blasted it at max volume. I quickly check my phone. Tori and Karen, my best friends, send me about a dozen texts asking me where I am. I tell them I’m hanging out with Mike and switch off my phone.

“Where are we going?” I nag.

“Somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.” Mike says. I punch him playfully. Then my mind drifts to another topic.

“You know, it’s getting harder and harder.” I say.


“Quitting smoking. I haven’t had a cigarette since I promised you I’ll stop but I have urges.” I explain.

“I believe you can quit, you stopped a month ago. Urges are perfectly normal, but you’re strong enough to resist them.” He keeps a straight face and concentrates on the road ahead.

“Thanks for believing in me.” I offer him a smile and he squeezes my hand lightly.

We pass a series of buildings and shopping centers. In a couple of minutes we reach the beach. I stare in confusion as Mike chuckles. He opens my door for me and leads me onto the sand. There’s a large screen and chairs in front of it. I realize it immediately; we’re going to watch a movie on the beach. My mouth drops open and my mind fills with happiness.

“This is what you’ve always dreamed of doing, right?” Mike beams.

“I love it. But I told you this when we were nine, I didn’t even think you heard me say it.” I smile.

“I pay attention, Thea.” He says.

No one is on the beach except is and the man who runs the movie. We sit in the middle row. Mike offers me the most beautiful smile in the world.

“I’m going to get us drinks and popcorn.” He announces and wanders over to the man in charge.

I watch him walk. I watch how the mild wind flips his blond hair to the side. I watch his muscles contract as he pulls out his wallet from his back pocket. He walks back and hands me my Pepsi. He sits down, and again, there’s that smile that makes my heart leap every time.

If you haven’t already guessed, yes, I’m in love with my best friend.

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