27:Hello's and GoodBye's

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Senior year officially started tomorrow. Jennessa told me Dominic was leaving for college today. I had to get up early because my homeschooling teacher would be here at 8 am. I missed going to school with my friends, finding out our schedules and comparing them to each others. I couldn't explain how much I missed school. Even though you'd think I would be happy to stay at home all day and get up whenever I want, I'm not.I don't get to see anyone anymore. Oh well.

I put Belle in her crib. She was sleep. Zonnique was out getting last minute school clothes. Jen was at the airport. I was so tired. I decided to take a nap with Belle.

Before I fell asleep, I filled my mind with thoughts. Thoughts about the future.


I had been texting Zoey since Saturday morning. He's the guy I met at Kings Island. He was the one I was going school shopping with actually. We were just chilling, but when he asked me I didn't hesitate. He was a cool guy. He was really cute too. I was actually surprised he asked me, because when you meet somebody you don't usually hang out with them after two days. Do you?

Who knows. He was fine and I didn't mind.

"So how is that school? Do they be turnt or are the classes boring?" he asked me as we looked around in Foot Locker. I saw this nice pair of Jordan's.

"Both. The students be turnt. Teachers are boring but not that strict. I guess it depends on which teacher you get," I answered. I looked at him as he tried on his shoes he picked out. God, he was so fine.

"I like these. You like these?" he asked me.

"Yeah, they cool," I said.

I was trying not to stare at him, but I couldn't help it. He was...

"Aye you said you need a size 8 right?" a worker there asked me.

"Yeah," I said. He handed me the box. I tried the shoes on and they fit perfect so I got them. We decided to go to the food court after we got our shoes.

"Zonnique you're really pretty," he told me while we were in line at Five Guys.

"Aww thanks," I said blushing. I just wanted to make out with him right here. I know I just met him but damn. He was just...

"Hello what would you like today?" the cashier asked us with a smile.

We ordered and waited for our food. We sat down at a table and started eating our food.

"So you said your dad is like a millionaire?" he asked me.

"Not really. He get money, but I wouldn't say millionaire," I answered.

"That's cool. Has he been gettin' money since you was born?" He asked.

"He's not my biological dad. He's my step dad. My other dad lives in Georgia," I said.

"So did you have a good childhood? Like no struggles?" he asked.

"It was alright. A few struggles here and there. Why? Was yours not really good?" I asked him.

"Nahh. Moms was always getting evicted. Pops was rarely around and when he was he was beating either me or my mom," he said with his head down.

"Aww I'm sorry," I said. I didn't know what to say.

"It's cool. He's locked up right now though. He got caught robbin'."

"Who was he robbing for?"

"Himself. He never helped us or even tried to. It was basically a free place for him because he just slept and ate there."

"Is that why you guys moved?" I asked.

"No. A guy asked me one day to be in a gang. I said no, so he started threatening and harassing me. We had to leave. We live with my aunt now," he said.

"That's good. Trust me, no one will be messin' with you down here. I think," I said.

"That's what my Aunt told me haha."

"That's a lot of personal stuff you're telling me Zoey," I said as I finished my food.

"It's alright. I got a feeling we going to get close real soon," he winked. I couldn't help but blush. I hoped we got close sooner than soon.


My parents wanted to wait at the airport with Dominic. His flight wasn't until 3 o'clock but they to make sure he was safe and had everything. We stopped by a restaurant and ate. Then we got the airport and waited. it was 2:00.

"Alright mom and dad. I should go, because y'all know how long it be taking to get in," he said.

"Oh, I'm going to miss you son," my dad said in Chinese.

"You be good alright ok? And call me every week," my mom said in Chinese.

"Say goodbye to your brother," my dad told me in Chinese. I don't know why they were speaking in Chinese, but I decided to too.

"Bye Dominic, I'll miss you," I said in a soft tone I put my arms out for a hug. He hesitated but gave me a hug back.

"I know you won't," he whispered in my ears.

"Can't wait till you leave," I whispered back. We let go of each other. Felecia was going to stay here. He would come back to see her and the baby.

"Alright y'all. Bye," he waved to us before walking in the airport. My mom started crying. I rolled me eyes. With all the things she went through with him she was really crying?

To be honest, I didn't know if I would really miss him or not. Then again he was my big brother...

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