Chapter 18.

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"I really think we need to-" Bella started, with tears in her eyes.

"Move..." Esmae butted in shamelessly. I could almost see steam coming out of Bella's ears. She marched up to Esmae, with us watching.

"Could you please stop butting in?!" She asked sharply. Esmae looked at her, eyebrows raised.

"Sure." She said. Bella nodded and averted from kicking. Thank God.

"How about we go to the streets?" Rachel suggested. Murmurs spread across the gang. So it was settled.

"Hey!" A shout came from behind. So many people say 'Hey' to get attention now.

We all turned to see the boys.... Or who was left coming towards us, a swarm of zombies after them. I gulped and started springing, Maia by my side. We were going okay... Until Izzy tripped. I stopped, helping her up, the boys speeding past her. Soon it was just me and her.... And a swarm of zombies behind us.


Me and Izzy exchanged a glance. We both knew only one of us could make it out. Before she could protest, I stopped. She sped past, the zombies only meters away. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain.


I opened my eyes to see them devouring someone else. On closer inspection I saw who it was. The Tory unravelled before my eyes.

Emily had tripped before us. Jonathan had stopped to help her up but there wasn't enough time for both of them. They both stopped and died.


But two deaths is better than three. I set off in a heavy jog, feeling bad. They were dead though. Nothing I could do.

Soon I had caught up with some of the boys. I sped up, ignoring the piercing pain in my side of a stitch and my ragged breathing. Life is more important.

Keep running....


I caught up with my team and lay, gasping on the floor. The others had recovered and the boys were no where to be seen... Yet. I guess they will be coming soon.

As soon as I felt at least a little more hydrated, I got up and started helping. We had sprinted to town. I scavenged for items that could be useful.

I walked carefully into a camp shop, grinning. Perfect. I grabbed as much dried food, canned food and tents as I could and walked outside again. A cheer erupted though the group, making me feel special. Yay!

We set up the tents and waited. The sound of approaching footsteps alerted us of the boys. They collapsed as I had, gasping like landed fish. I grinned.

"Hey guys." Mina said, walking to them. Jake got up, straightening his imaginary tie and stepping forward. Mina laughed and slapped his a hand away when it came for a handshake.

What came. next bought cheers through the gathering.

Mina hugged Jake. After a second of hesitation, Jake hugged back, smiling happily. I whooped loudly, smiling.

About time!


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