The last night.

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Magcon ended and we all sadly walked back to the room.

Sitting in the middle of the from together we held hands and prayed.

"Please god no matter what happens don't let any of us forget eachother keep Emily safe and let her be strong throat any obstacle she has while were apart" Mathew said.

I opened my eyes and all of us were crying.

" I love you all" I said hugging them.

"I don't want you to leave Em" Shawn said hugging me once more.

I got to spend quality time with my favorite people on the earth.

"I'll call each of you every day and you guys have to come visit me and I'll see you guys soon" I said.

We all ended up falling asleep.

The next morning the boys woke me up early so we wouldn't be late for our flights.

Mine was the first flight to take off.

We got dressed and piled into the van sitting in silence.

I just stared out the window squeezing matts hand.

Ever since the day I met them I felt this connection and that I needed to be around them.

It sounds super cheesy and all but I'm not sure how my life will be back at home without them.

Because I've always had trouble with it... But now it'll be worse.

I got out of the car having a terrible feel in the pit of my stomach.

Matt said he was going to go home and call me everyday and we would see what happens from there. He told me that if he could he would have married me this morning but he's too young and we need to finish school. I told his I wasn't ready either but one day I would be and if I had too I would wait a lifetime. I am deeply in love with Matthew Espinosa.

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