Chapter 28

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It had been about two weeks since the New Year's Eve party, Niko texted & called me multiple times each day. I decided to go on independent studies to avoid him, but I needed to come back, I hated being alone doing school work all day.

I missed my friends.

I missed Vito & Elena.

I missed Niko ..

I woke up early Monday morning to get ready for my first day back.

I didn't care what I looked like for once.

I went with a purple pull over, black jeans, classic converse, no makeup, & my natural hair in a ponytail.

I slowly drove to school & sat in the parking lot for about 15 minutes, when my phone rang & snapped me out of my trance.

" OH MY GAWD! YOU FAT BITCH! Did I just see your car in the parking lot? " my gay bff Xander yelled.

I looked around " uh no? "

" Bitch, that you in you little white Mercedes? "

I was in my white Mercedes

" uhm no "

" Mhm look out ya damn window " I turned & there was Xander looking right at me.

I rolled down my window " hey bb " I said sweetly.

" Get tf out the car "

I rolled the window up & got out.

He hugged me super tight " I missed you so much, don't you ever leave me again "

Right in the middle of our moment the bell rang.

" Let's go, love I have to fill you in on the hot gossip "




" & the bitch had the nerve to say that I was talking shit! " xan ranted.

" Well were you? "

" I was "

We started laughing, " gosh I missed y- "

" Daisy? you're back? "

The way my name came out of that mouth sent chills down my spine.

" uh yeah? it was only a couple weeks so "

" Well it's good to have you ba- "

" Yeah okay I have to go bye "

I walked away pulling Xan with me.

Xan gave me a confused look " Uh wasn't that yo sugar daddy? "

" Yeah we kinda broke up on New Years " I gave him a weak laugh, my chest started hurting when I thought back to that day.

" Bu-but he was so hot "

I smiled " yeah well, we'll talk later I have to go "


The day had passed by well, I hadn't encountered Niko till, my 6th period which was next.

I was seriously dreading it.

I should just leave now & get the homework from someone.

No. Man up. Women up!

The bell rang & snapped me out of my thoughts.

I walked towards his class, as slow as molasses.

I finally reached it, I sighed before waking in.

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