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"Promise me you won't get into too much trouble" Mom said with a light chuckle as she laid on the hospital bed

" I promise" I said with a faint smile

"Take care of you're father too ok? Life isn't going to be easy for him right now" She said getting serious

"I will don't worry, I love you mom" I said for the very last time

"I love-" She begun to say when her eyelids fell shut and she went still.

I cried for the longest time that night right by my mother who laid dead in her hospital bed.


Ok so this is only the prologue of Olivia!

Before I get into chapter one I just wanted to say that Olivia is 16 and Jake is 17 ! And there will be foul language and sexual scenes throughout the book so just a warning for any underage readers!

But other than that I hope you enjoy read my book! (: positive comments are deeply appreciated!

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