Chapta 28

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Sky's POV

I woke up to be spread across the the bed and Niall wasn't by me. I slipped on my slippers and walked into the living room. He was in the kitchen making my favorite, lemon tea.

Niall: 'Hey babe.' he smiled at me.

Sky: So, What are the plans today?

I walked in the kitchen and poured myself a cup of tea.

Niall: Anything you want Sky.

I started thinking.

Niall: We should hang out with the guys today.

Immediately, I scrunched up my nose. I don't want to be anywhere near that douche bag named Harry. He just had to cheat on me. Then, he didnt even tell me! He was never going to tell me.... Should I tell Sunny? I should so he won't have a chance with her but Harry really likes her and Im just not that type of person to do that.

I put a smile on my face and gave Niall a head nod because I didn't trust my voice.


We were on our way to meet the boys and Sunny at a little meet and greet with fans. Before we did that, we wanted to grabbed some lunch together.

We pulled up to the In and Out and sat inside. I looked around and spotted everyone in a little corner put away from everyone else.

I slid my chair back and sat down while Niall took a seat besides me.

Everyone murmured 'Heys' and 'Hellos'.

Harry: Hey, Niall. Hey, Sky.

He looked in my eyes and I glared at him, hoping he got the message that I want to choke him out. Harry looked at me mouthed a 'Whats wrong' but I ignored him.

The waitress was coming our way. She looked fairly young and it looked like a box a crayons barfed on her face. The first couple buttons of her shirt were un buttoned so her boobs were all out in the open.

Mattie: Hello, my name is Mattie. What can I get for today Niall?

Hmm. Must be a fan. She leaned forward to Niall so her boobs were showing. I looked over at him and I could tell he was a little uncomfortable.

I look at Niall and lightly peck his cheek to warn the girl that he's mine. Mattie rolled her eyes over to me.

Mattie: 'What would you want to eat? I recommend a salad?' she smirked at me.

She is really pissing me off.

Sky: No, I dont want a f**king salad.

Mattie: Calm down. Be nice. I was just asking.

That stupid smirk was playing on her chapped red lips. I really want to punch her in the face and wipe that smirk off but I have to control myself.

Sky: 'Can I please have a burger, small fry, and strawberry shake?'

Mattie: What size will the shake be? Extra large?

Sky: That it.

I got up from the table and tried going around so I could punch her but Niall grabbed my hand before I left.

Niall: Please Sky. Sit down.

Sadly, I did ss he said and sat back in my seat.

She took everyone else's orders and left. When she was walking off, Mattie was swaying her hips side to side. I picked up a spoon, grapes and aimed it right in the middle of her back. I elbowed Niall.

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