Is it really her

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*I'm gone skip some months*


Me and Trinny Poo was sitting on the couch watching Freedom Writers. It was a knock on the door. Trinton dumb ass went and got his gun. Who in the hell woke knocking on my door at 1 in the a.m??

I opened the door and I couldn't believe what I saw.


It was my momma!

I pinched myself to see if it was a dream.

You gone sit there and stare or you gone let me in because it is cold as hell out here.

I was pulled out of my thoughts.

I let my mom in. We sat down in the living room. Trinton came in and I gave him that look and he went upstairs. Well I had so much on my mind and I had so.many questions to ask her. Like why the fuck is she sitting on my living room couch and she supposed to be dead. But let me quit yapping and see what's going on. Girl what the fuck you thinking about my momma said. Mom I thought you were dead this whole time. Baby it was all a lie. I had to fake my death because of your dad. My eyes grew wide. My dad? They had the perfect relationship and They would always do everything together. They was always by one another's side So what the entire fuck happened. Ok baby me and your dad had the best relationship. We always had fun. His sex game was A-1. I was looking confused. Why did you fake your death then? Ok he had a bad temper. I had a male friend who was nothing but a male friend. His temper would get the best of him. He never layed a single hand on me. Up until the day he found out about my male friend. So I had to get out of the situation some kind of way. I couldn't believe it though. My dad was as sweet as Bought us anything in the world. Did whatever we asked him to. But I'm not choosing sides. I want to know his side of the story to. You know what fuck it I'm not no damn Dr.Phil . I'm just glad to.know my momma not dead. Well baby I should get going I see you got you a fine piece of meat waiting on you upstairs. I think i just died. My momma is so fucking funny. Momma you gone have to back it up because that is my meat. Girl bye momma can take your man too. Bye momma Bye sweety see you later on.

**** *****


I went to the bathroom and took a 30 minute shower. I just needed some time to think . Too much shit hitting me at one time. You know what I need. I need some loud ass weed. Just to take the pain away. **** *****

I got out the shower and wrapped my pink towel around me and went in the room to get me a bra and a pair of ass shorts. When I got done getting dressed I lotioned up and brushed my teeth. I walked in the room and my Triny poo was just laying on the bed watching "Power Rangers" . Really ! What? Why tf you still watching this kiddy shit?? Fuck up with that. I'm going to sleep goodnight baby. So I don't get no kiss or nothing? I climbed on top of him and planted kisses on his neck. What happens next is not going to be my fault. Oh hush ain't nobody told yo ass to get freaky in the first place I said as I stuck my tongue out at him. That tongue needa be somewhere else. I threw a pillow at him . Fuck you! When? Tomorrow! I'll be waiting. So will I .

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