Hey get ya back of the wall

Don't ya get comfortable

Looking so hot I think that I might fall

Feeling like its my birthday

Like Christmas day came early

Little Mix-Move

Ariana P.O.V

I'm happy Zayn and I are best friends and he got 10x cuter. His cheeks are Alittle chubby, he got taller, he smells so good. Oh and he dyed his hair jet black. No more brown curls. Anyways, Brooklyn and I were walking to science. I saw my boyfriend Victor. He mouthed who's that. I mouthed my other childhood bestie. He mouthed oh and smiled.

Ariana:Brooklyn I usually sit with my boyfriend Victor in all my classes. You remember Zayn?

Brooklyn:Yea my buddy. He had a crush on you in like forever. But I'll go sit with him.

Ariana:See you later do you wanna meet me in the dance studio. I have 2 free periods.

Brooklyn:Yes sure

We went to sit down. Victor kissed my cheek and held my hand. I smiled. I look back at Zayn and smiled. He mouthed can we talk. I said sure. Our science teacher Ms.Pizzo was totally nice and understood what we were going through as kids in high school being forced to be something that we had no idea to talk about yet. But anyways she had a coca cola body and long curly hair.

Ms.Pizzo:Hello Brooklyn. You're new right?


Ms.Pizzo:Well you're going to have alot of fun this semester. Class sat hello to Brooklyn

Class:Hello Brooklyn

Ms.Pizzo told us to finish up any homework we didn't have time to finish and we can chat. She didn't have time to do. Victor and I were texting and laughing, I already finished my homework. The period was over and I walked to my locker and put my science book in. Then Zayn closed my locker and grabbed my hand.

Ariana:Where are we going.


He tooked me to a place in school that nobody knew. It was a tiny door that lead to a big room. The light turn on and he had tons of pictures of me and him together.

Zayn:I love you Ariana

That just melted my heart. I hugged him and he looked into my eyes. He moved closer and kissed me. Times like this I would have slapped him because he knew I loved Victor but instead I just wrapped my arms around him and kissed back. His lips are so soft.

Ariana:We should go

He kissed my neck and I let out a tiny moan. He smirked and we went to our different classes. I skipped down the hall and into dance. I hugged Brooklyn and put my iPhone in the dock.

Brooklyn:So waddup Ariana Grande

Ariana:Hush. Nothing much just having boy problems

Brooklyn:Aww. Lemme guess you love 2 boys. Victor and Zayn.

Ariana:Yes. How did you know

Brooklyn:Well Zayn been calling me telling me how much he loves you.

Ariana:Aww. Well I'm didn't know can we dance now.

Me and Brooklyn been dancing together since we were 2 years old. I put on the song Swap It Out-Justin Bieber. We started dancing. We spent the whole 2 periods laughing dancing. We even took pictures and videos uploading them on instagram and Facebook. Then it was lunch. Yay! Relaxing time. Today will be a fun day especially since after school I'm going to Brooklyns house. My mind just immediately went on kiara. Where is she?

Kiara P.O.V








School .

I hated the fact the I broke Zayn's heart. I totally used him and been so selfish when he helped me through my breakup. I decided to text him and say 'Im sorry for using you'. He texted back and said 'Its ok. I know how it feels to go through a breakup. But I'm at lunch. See you later, Kiki'. I texted back 'ok'. I decided to go down to the beach and sit there and stare at the sunset. The sun is so beautiful. I wish I could just live near a house near the beach. The beach has so many natural wonders. Suddenly I see James.



I ran over to him and he spun me around. I kissed him and he kissed back.

James:What are you doing here?

Kiara:I didn't feel like going to school today. I broke Zayn's heart knowing what happened between him and Ariana.

James:Awww, you're sweet.


James:I love you

Kiara:Aww I love me to. But anyways bye I'm going home I gonna wait till Ariana comes out of school and Sata I gotta talk to them.

James:Ok bye love

Kiara:Bye teddy boo

He laughed and I went home

Ariana P.O.V

I sat there eating my sandwich and my apple. Then Victor showed up and sat next to me in the grass.

Victor:Hey love

Ariana:Hey (I feel the rush of guilt. I'm telling him). Victor please don't..... But I'm in love with both you and Zayn and I don't know what to do

Victor:Ariana. Breathe. I love you. It happens sometimes you can't help who you love. It just happens.

Ariana:Yes thnx for understanding.

He kissed me and stole my sandwich.


Victor:Oh yea I gotta surprise for you in 3 days. Not telling

Ariana:😝. Oh yea can you and some friends help me plan Kiaras birthday.

Victor:Sure. I help with the gifts and decorations.

With that the bell rang. Here we go 4 periods of humanities. My death is coming. Ms.Williams and her saggy self. 😞😌. But I'm happy because at the end of the day I'm going to Brooklyns house and I gotta yell at someone. Best day ever. Lol

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