the book of shadows

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chapter 1


world's don't normally collide with but when they do a world can be torn apart , so just a slight twist of a corrupted monster will brake the world to the most lost , when a villain comes people will rise and people will be lost but we will get them back .

"were are we" i was standing in a circle with my friends , i scanned the area to see monsters with us almost protecting us from something i look in to deep darkness and upon seeing black surrounding us then all of a sudden it lashed out on one of the monsters i grabbed its hand i looked blankly at me its hand's had spikes growing in its hands and its head the other monster came beside me it's face was just jaws and teeth with horse like legs and began to try and tug him back to the grope other's came to help in mad rush they began to attack it from the monsters leg but it would not let go . the more they attacked the more it became strong the pull got stronger i could see the monster what i was holding on to begin to panic a little but stayed calm it looked up at me and smiled " remember me " suddenly the strong pull from the darkness pulled him from are hands at the same time of wrapping its arms around to other monsters but still were both caught by other's a friend of mine bravely managed to get a hold of one what looked like a ghost she had dark grey and black eyes while the other monster was screaming loudly at another "help me " it pierced through me and my friends ears sending some of us to the ground in pain also my friend who was holding the other monster i closed my eyes to see the last monster gone just leaving me my friends and the monsters with us .......

people will come and go , monsters will go by ,

they were not sure what they were in for next

but i know in lands things or real

nightmares rule worlds

and they will rule you





mr lordi picked up an axe and slammed it down and looked at a map and then stared down at amen " are you sure this will stop it and the book will be destroyed like its master " amen nodded at him , "well bring the gang to me and gwar as well" amen bowed down to him and sharply disappeared leaving a patch of brown and yellow sand mr lordi stared out into the wilderness of his world "soon it will become clear"he said and smiled to himself as gust of strong winds surrounded him "we will prevail "....

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