Chapter 4

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Chapter 4.

I'm contemplating going to the doctor and asking for some sleeping pills.

Lately I've been getting very little sleep, but considering how I wake up relatively rested I think I'll let the visit to the doctor wait for a while.

It's roughly a quarter past 8 in the morning, I've been playing Temple Run since I woke up, so I'm not entirely sure.

Beside me, Zayn was still sleeping occasionally fidgeting in his sleep. Lucky him. He could probably sleep through an earthquake. The minute his eyes closed, he was practically dead to the world.

It's his phone I was playing the game on, I didn't have it on mine yet but also because my phone's in my bag all the way by the desk. I was not ready to get up and find it, download the game, and come back to bed.

Thankfully Zayn kept his phone perpetually by his side. And I mean that almost literally. That's where I found it when I first woke up. After being nosey and going through his pictures, then taking almost thirty new pictures of myself or me doing something funny to Zayn, I started playing the game.

I was determined to beat his lame score of 834,628 points. Because of this I have yet to brush my teeth as well.

Bad hygiene choices on my part.

"Yes!" I whisper mindful of sleeping beauty beside me. Thanks to me, Zayn was now part of the millionaire club.

Completely over the game now that I beat my goal, I throw the phone aside and cringe as it lands centimeters away from my best friends face.

He would not have been a happy camper.

Doing a quick stretch, I get out of bed and walk to the desk. Fishing out my phone from my bag, I check the time and see that it's 8:45am.

Still decked out in my leggings and a tank top pjs, I silently walk to the bathroom where I brush my teeth, comb my hair and do my morning facial routine. Pimples be damned.

A few minutes later, I walk out of the bathroom and catch sight of Harry walking away from his room. My natural reaction was to run back to the guest room.

My mom burned it into my head that a stranger should never see you at your worst. And that's pretty much what ran through my head at that moment.

Back in the room, I check to see if Zayn was still sleeping, he was, and using the extra pillows around the room I build a small barricade between us.

There was no way in hell I was going back out there unless I was dressed and ready for the day.

Knowing that Zayn would still be asleep for another good hour, I took my time getting ready.

I slip off my pajamas and take off my panties and bra then quickly put on a new set. Afterwards I slip on my light blue polka dotted dress and my Oxford pumps.

It takes me a minute or two to locate an outlet, but whoever furnished the room was thinking of all the girls in the world.

Next to the only mirror in the room was the outlet. Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, I put my phone to charge while I curl my hair.

Leaving the hair curler to heat up, I go over to Zayn and take his phone once more. Lowering the volume to just above silent, I go through his music and play some Ed Sheeran.

Ten songs later, my hair is curled and I'm bended at the waist, using very light finger stroke to loosely break the curls.

"Damn, that's a sight to wake up too." I hear Zayn's husky morning voice say and I laugh while straightening up.

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