Chapter 2

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*Louis' POV*

It's been a month since the interview and our shocking reveal. Harry and I are on holiday in London, just spending time together and getting closer. Honestly, I'm happy it's just me and Haz right now, away from everything and everyone. Sometimes we just need time away from the spotlight.

We walked down the street hand in hand, window-shopping and going into a few shops here and there. It's winter time here, early December. I'm getting excited. It's getting close to my 21st birthday and I think Haz has something special planned for me, even though he won't tell me what. He knows it's driving me nuts, but his surprises are always great, so I don't mind. Snow has been falling all week, coating the ground and streets in a blanket of bright white. I found myself dragging Hazzy outside our flat often, playing in the snow or just sitting on our porch, me in his lap, and looking out at the nature around us. It's really gorgeous, actually. A lovely way to spend an afternoon with my fiancé.

Harry stopped us in front of a small craft shop called "Tinker Toys." He told me to wait outside, probably to buy my birthday/Christmas gift. Despite my slight annoyance at being left outside in the cold, I pecked his lips and did as I was told. After about 10 minutes, I wandered down the street, not too far so that Harry could still find me when he finally came out. As I got closer to an alley near the corner store, a mangled cry could be heard in the distance. It was as if something was preventing the person from crying fully. I cautiously approached the alley, mindful that I had no idea what could be waiting for me down there. The cries began to get louder and more strained, but all the while the sound became more familiar. When I reached the end of the alley, I was met by the most shocking and sickening thing I had ever seen.

Next to a large dumpster near a pile of disgustingly full garbage bags were two extremely small and frail baby boys. They looked to be no older than one-year-old and were incredibly thin, as if they hadn't eaten in a long time. Both of the boys had light brown skin, sort of like Zayn, and curly dark brown hair. Probably mixed in some way. Their clothes were filthy and torn, and their skin was very pale, almost blue from the cold. One of the boys appeared to be sleeping while the other was balling his little eyes out, producing the heart-wrenching cries I had heard before.

I continued to stare at these beautiful infants, frozen in shock and disbelief, until I heard my name being called. "Lou? Babe, where are you?" Harry yelled.

"I'm in the alley, Haz. Come quick!" Harry came running into the alley, a confused expression on his face.

"Louis, why are you-" he stopped when he saw them. Immediately, he dropped to his knees beside the sleeping baby and put his fingers to the child's neck. He turned to me with wide eyes. "Oh my God, Lou! His pulse is so faint, I could barely feel it! We need to get him to the hospital now!" Harry cried, panic evident in his deep voice. Despite my instant turn-on from his dominant tone, I jumped into action. Harry picked up the crying boy and held him to his chest, zipping up his jacket around him. I did the same with the unconscious boy, careful not to harm his limp little body. Together, Haz and I ran out to the street. We decided it would take too long to hail a taxi, so we ran quickly to the hospital on foot.


"Help! We need some help! Please!" Haz yelled as we burst through the hospital doors. A nurse came up to us with a panicked look on her face and asked what was wrong. I spoke up, "These boys," I unzipped my jacket slightly to reveal the still unconscious infant, "were outside in the snow freezing! We think they may be very sick!" Without a second thought, she called to the other nurses, who came and took the boys away. The nurse led us to a private waiting room, obviously because of who we were, and told us she would let us know if anything happens before she left the room. I was extremely frustrated and I knew Harry could tell. As I sat down on the little couch, he sat down behind me and pulled me into a warm hug. I nuzzled into his chest to hide my face. "What's on your mind, Sweetheart?" he said softly.

"I'm really fucking angry, Harry. Those poor little babies, left out in the cold to suffer and die. How could any sane person leave two helpless children like them out there like they're trash? IT'S SICK AND IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE, HARRY!" I was full on crying by now. "Oh my God, if we hadn't found them-"

"But we did find them- YOU found them- and they're safe now. I feel the same way you do, Lou. Whoever did this is an absolute arsehole. But standing here and crying is not going to change that. Just get some rest and we'll hear some news soon, I'm sure of it." I nodded, pulling back to kiss him before snuggling back into his chest and closing my eyes. Hazzy rubbed my back soothingly until I fell asleep.


I woke up to Harry talking quietly with a woman from the hospital. When he noticed I was awake, he came over and knelt in front of me. "Good morning, Loubear. Feeling better?"

Rubbing my eyes, I nodded and sat up. "What time is it?" I asked sleepily.

He chuckled lightly at my cuteness. "It's 4 am, Babe. This is Ms. Johnson, a hospital social worker. She wants to ask us a few questions." Harry motioned her over as he sat next to me on the couch, Ms. Johnson sitting in front of us.

"Hello, Mr. Tomlinson. We just want to get some information on the two little boys you brought in yesterday. So far, we have no idea who they are or exactly how old they are. We've been calling the crying infant John Doe, and the unconscious infant Baby Doe, until we find out their real names. They are also identical twins, which I'm sure you already gathered. Do you have any information that we are unaware of?"

"No. We were just out when we found them. One of the babies looked very ill, and both were shaking violently and blue in the face from the cold, I think. Are they alright?" I asked worriedly.

"Yes, both of the boys are stable at the moment. They each have a severe case of hypothermia and.... well-" Ms. Johnson paused, as if debating whether to tell us something. "I don't think I should be telling you this but.... John and Baby Doe are.... addicted to cocaine." We were stunned. I glanced at Harry, a look of complete and utter shock on his face. He grasped my hand  and squeezed it as he looked back at Ms. Johnson.

"So what does that mean for them? I mean, what happens after the boys are well enough to be discharged?" Haz asked her, his voice trembling. I could tell he was as worried as I was.

"Well, Mr. Styles, crack babies can have severe long- and short-term problems. We found very faint traces of the drug in their systems, suggesting that they haven't been introduced to the drug in at least a few days. Most likely they are suffering from withdrawal, which would explain why John Doe has been crying almost non-stop since admission. Baby Doe, on the other hand, has not woken up yet, so we are unsure of how he was affected. As for their release from the hospital, we are searching for a foster family to take them once we find their records. There is no way the boys are going back to their biological parents."

I found it difficult to process all this information. Harry turned to me, a heart-broken and sympathetic glint in his eyes. We shared a moment of silent understanding before nodding in agreement. Turning back to Ms. Johnson, I asked, "Can we stick around for a bit to, you know, look after them until you find a family?"

Ms. Johnson stared at us for a second in incredulous surprise. "You do realize that could take days, even weeks. And we have to wait until they are well enough to leave. Is that alright with you?" We nodded once again.

"Well, okay then. You are free to stay in the hospital's overnight visitor area for as long as you wish. And thank you for caring so much. Not very many people with your.... status and schedules.... would take the time out to care for two small infants that don't even belong to them. The boys were lucky it was you two that found them." She smiled genuinely as she stood up to shake our hands and leave. Hazzy hugged me and rested his head on my shoulder. I grinned widely, turning my head to peck him on the lips.

"You have such a big heart, Lou. I love you so much." I kissed him once again, then put my hand in his.

"Come on, Haz. Let's go meet the boys!"

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