Sara: I woke the next morning in the hospital bed, I sat up and held my side in pain, I stood to go to the toilet. When i returned I looked at my bed and the doctor was stood next to it, he smiled at me and walked towards me, 'Sara as far as we can see there is no more problems, we've stitched you up and you didn't loose to much blood thanks to your friend, it seems he kept you from loosing so much blood, is he a close friend', the doctor smiled at me, 'yeah, yeah he is', I smiled back looking at the floor, 'right then when your ready you can sign out', he smiled looking at his clipboard and walked away.

I sat on my bed and picked up my phone from my bed side, I had little battery left so I thought I'd ring someone to pick me up now before I couldn't ring them because my phone would have died, I scrolled down my contacts till i found Riker and rung him, he said he'd been awake for an hour anyway so he'd be here soon, I also asked him to bring me some clothes, they had taken my clothes and I was wearing them stupid hospital clothes, I couldn't wait to go home even if i'd only been in the hospital for half a night.

When he arrived he ran over to me and hugged me, he handed me the clothes he had brought and I went and got changed, when I came back he just smiled and hugged me, 'Riker I wanna go home', I said as he hugged me tight, 'come on then', he smiled and held my hand as we walked to the desk, I signed out and we walked back to the car, as we drove home we drove past the woods, there was yellow tape in the entrance and they where just bringing a stretcher with a white sheet over what I presumed was the body of Matt, I just looked at it as we drove past, Riker looked at me, 'you OK', he tried to smile at me, 'yeah, he deserved what he got and anyway, whats done is done, and i can't go back and change what happened', I nodded my head, 'that's why you wouldn't tell me what was going on, you where afraid someone would get hurt', he said his eyes now focused on the road, I nodded my head as he quickly glanced at me, 'Sara don't keep things like that to yourself, you have to tell us, we where all worried sick', he said his voice as serious as i have ever heard him, he was acting like he was my dad, 'sorry', I looked down, I hated it when he was right.

We finally arrived home, we walked up the drive hand in hand and we entered the house to be greeted with a hug from everyone, 'Ross your squeezing me to hard', I said as Ross hugged me tightly, 'sorry', he smiled and ran his hand through his hair, he put his arm round Georgina who just smiled, 'don't ever do that again', she giggled, 'don't worry I wont' I smiled back, 'Sara you are not in Pirates of the Caribbean realize that', Caitlin said with her most serious face, it just made everyone laugh.

It was nine o'clock at night now, everyone had gone to bed except from me and Riker, we where sat on the sofa watching television, 'you know I never realized about your parents, why didn't you tell me', Riker said with his soft voice, 'I never really liked talking about it', I said looking up at him, 'oh right I'm sorry', he said whilst moving the hair from my face, 'I've never been so scared in my life Sara, I actually thought I'd lost you', 'I'm sorry', I smiled at him and we kissed, 'I love you', he smiled, 'I love you too', I whispered back.

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