chapter 45

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Bella's pov

me and Louis were having a nap because Louis had a busy day and so had I and so we went for a sleep. I got woken up suddenly by my phone ringing, I looked at it and it was Lottie so I answered it but Louis groaned and spoke

"just ignore it babe and come back to bed" he says 

"but its lottie" i say 

"well still ignore it" he says 

"no it could be something important just go back to sleep I will go take the call downstairs" i say and get up and he turns over and I answer the call

"hello" i say

"hi bella can I have some advice" she says 

"sure what do you need advice on" i say

"well I like this boy at school and I think he likes me but he hasn't said anything what should I do" she says 

"hmmm well I think you should follow your heart and not your head, because if you heart says ask him out, do just that and hopefully he will say yes" i say

"did that work for you and Louis" she says 

"well sort off but as I said follow your heart and not your head" i say

"ok thanks Bella" she says 

"no problem Lottie bye" i say and she says bye and I go back upstairs and get in next to Louis who then turns over and hugs my waist and kisses my shoulder

"what did lottie want" he groans

"she wanted some dating advice thats all" i say

"ok then well lets go back to sleep and then we can get up and you can cook and then we can watch films if you want" he says 

"yeah definantly" i say 

after our sleep I decided to cook steak, carrots and potatoes and we eat and then watch films, this is what you want with life. hopefully Louis and me will be together for a while and get married and all sorts.

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