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I went online and searched for apartments. A few towns over I found this girl a year older then me looking for a roommate so I gave her a call.

We talked for awhile then she said I could move in. We planed for this weekend. Fiona and Kayla agreed to help me.

I left two days before Luke came home. I left a folded up note on his pillow.

The note read, "Lukey, I know this is a shock but I left. I think it's the best for the both of us. I'm sorry I let you get attached to me. That was stupid of me to let us get into a relationship. But it was the best time of my life. thank you so much for caring for me. I love you Luke and I always will, Lilian."

I wrote Lilian because that's what he always called me. He said he needed to call me something different then everyone else.

I got settled into the new apartment, my roommates name was Julia and I could tell we'd get along just fine.


The day the boys got home was a mess. Luke called my phone like a million times and so did the other boys. They also texted me asking what was going on and why I left and all this stuff. After they stopped I listened to some of the voicemails Luke left.

"Lilian this isn't a funny joke."

"Babe please come home."

"I need you I need to know you're okay."

"Why lil why? please I love you."

I had to stop because I was gonna cry. I turned my phone on silent and ignored them.


Everyday Luke would text and call me. this happened for two months straight. Everyday with out fail I'd get a few messages from Luke. a few weeks ago I texted jai to let him know I was still alive.

I would watch the videos they put up and Luke was barely in them or he would just kinda sit there. The editing skills wore bad so I'm guessing Luke wouldn't edit the videos.

Today I had to take the train into Sydney for a doctors appointment. I got really nervous every time I had to go into the city because you never know where the boys would be.

At the doctors I found out that the tumor once again grew and so did the aneurysm. I was getting nose bleeds often and sometimes I would pass out.

Things where not looking good for me at all. The only good thing was I managing to maintain my weight where it was suppose to be.

It was rush hour when I caught the next train. The train was jam packed with people but I managed to find an empty seat in the back where no one else was sitting. I sat next to the window and watched as everything pasted by.

Someone nears started yelling at someone so I looked around and I saw James being yelled at.

"Shit shit shit." I said hiding my face. They are so gonna notice me who else had lilac hair. My stop wasn't for another 15 minutes.

I got really nervous hoping the boys would stay far away from me. I don't know what'd i do if they saw me. How could I face them after I just left like that. Luke needed to move on there's no way he could see me and be okay.

Five slow minutes passed by and no boys near me right. I hid my face but there was no way to hide my hair. I wish I dyed it like I was going to the other day.

Another slow torturous minutes passed by. Daniel got really close to me but didn't notice me. The person next to me got up and left. I prayed someone would come sit next to me but no one did. Only one stop then it was mine.

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