Chapter 2: Finding Those Green Eyes

The next few days were just as original as the past days of school I've lived for; boring, quiet and rude. I would've added ignorant, but not everyone was willing to ignore me.

There was a certain someone whom had an interest in me. Of course - I wasn't used to attention, so being noticed by someone was rather unusual for me.

Every break and lunchtime, when I'd sit in the library or stalk the empty halls, I'd grip a feeling that someone was watching me, and someone was.

It was those beautiful green eyes I had spotted in the library on the first day of school. They were always watching me, killing my self esteem slowly, and I hated that feeling.

It finally got round to Friday, and I wasn't more willing to get home than that day. It was the class before lunch - maths - and yet again I was receiving that staring feeling. I looked to my right at the jock table across the room, and that was when I finally realised who the eyes belonged to.

They belonged to the red-headed boy I remembered pushing to get through the door. His face structure was purely and utterly perfect. His cheekbones were defined, adding to the shape of his sharp jawline, and his lips were plumped. His face held an interest, in which I knew was me. Had he been watching me all week?

I turned away quickly, trying not to embarrass myself from staring for too long - although the jock didn't seem that bothered.

Throughout the math class, I couldn't help but have a sudden shock in my chest. The most gorgeous looking boy had been and still was staring at me. I almost felt like I should try to attract him with more eye contact, but if I'm honest eye contact isn't really a thing I enjoyed to do.

The bell for lunch period rang, and again I rushed to the door. But the jock, the beautiful boy, purposely stood in my way. I looked up at him, his tall figure only being a few feet away from me, my chest shrunk. I didn't know what was happening, whether I was afraid or just shocked.

I attempted to push him out of my way, but he chuckled deeply.

Out of my way, I'm off to ignore the world.

I gave one last nudge and he was out the way, I adjusted the bag on my shoulder as I left, and began to get crowded with the many people filling the halls.

Great, people.

I was pushed, shoved, knocked and tripped by nearly everyone who walked past me. Everyone was heading to the hall except myself, I was going in the opposite direction - trying to fight the forces of student's shoulders.

Suddenly, a hand wrapped around my wrist, the pain from my damage began to sting horribly and caused me to flinch. I snapped my head around to look at who held the grip but was startled when I recognised the same green eyes.

"Wait," he said, his voice was low, soft and soothing.

He called back to his mates, telling them he'd catch up, but they ignored his call and laughed at how he was trying to talk to the "mute."

When the hall was empty, he whipped his head around to face me, his starry eyes meeting mine.

"Robyn, right?" He asked, I nodded but furrowed my eyebrows. How did he know my name? "I'm Michael, you've probably noticed me being a bit nosey over the past week."

Yes, now go away.

"I want to apologise for that, if I've made you feel uncomfortable or shy in any way - I'm sorry."

Yeah, I've been feeling like that my whole life - no biggy.

I nodded, pulling from his grip slowly, the pain being unbearable.

"Oh, sorry," he let go quickly.

I rubbed my wrist and smiled faintly, we both stood there awkwardly in an empty hall. Maybe an odd person walking by at times, but no one important.

"So how come you don't talk?" Michael asked, I did the opposite to his expectation and ignored him. Someone walking past laughed and commented that Michael was wasting his time, which he was.

I stared at his trainers, and then my eyes travelled up his body, the moment finally allowing me to see him properly. He was perfect. My chest was thumbing unbearably the whole time I stood in his presence, like I was afraid of his tall manliness.

He scratched the back of his head, his bicep flexing and expanding. I gulped, he was attracting me more and more with every movement.

"I guess I'm never getting an answer from you, am I?" He sighed, I shook my head gently. I wanted to stay but I wanted to leave, standing besides him was a challenge.

"Well, I'll see you next week, I guess," he said, taking a step away.

Don't go, you're too gorgeous.

Come to mine tonight, we'll have fun.

No, we won't. I probably won't even talk to you.

Yes, I'll see you next week.

I cracked a smile as he left, and I began to make my own way home.

For the remaining of the day, I replayed Michael's voice in my head. It was such an angelic sound, a sound I could fall asleep listening to, a sound I'd play on repeat every night.

And so that night, the first Friday nights rest I had after a long week of school - I had my first dream about Michael.

The year wasn't something I was looking forward to.


It's like midnight here (UK), do you realise how much effort I'm putting into this for you guys?

Lets just say it's a lot.


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