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C H A P T E R 6

So you remember how we decided that we needed to find my phone quickly? That plan did not go as planned. Pretty much none of our plan went as planned.

"Cameron! Get down from there!" I scream at the top of my lungs, feeling frustration bubbling up inside me. The people surrounding me were not helping the situation, their excited cheers drowning me out.

Trystan himself was part of it all, egging Cameron on who was trying to figure out how to climb up the tree without killing himself. "Do something," I tug on Trystan's sleeve, frowning. "That stupid idiot's going to get himself killed!"

Before Trystan can reply, an outraged shout sounds from somewhere above us. All heads snap up to see a rounded balding man leaning out the window in the house next to Trystan's, wearing a faded blue dressing gown and an extremely pissed off expression.

As if this night couldn't get any worse.

How about we skip back to where it all started? Before Cameron came into the picture. "Ok I think this is his room," I say uncertainly, pausing outside the first door we come across. Honestly I had no idea where it was, but Keeley seemed to think I do.

"Let's do this." Without hesitation she brushes past me, and shoves the door wide open. She gasps loudly, tottering back on her heels into me.

"Come on Keels, I know it's Trystan Woods room but it's not that big of a shock," I roll my eyes, stepping past her into the room. "How about..."

I trail off as my eyes land on the couple laying in the bed, covers tossed around each other as they rip away from each other and stare at Keeley and I. I feel my cheeks heat up as I notice the clothes strewn across the floor - which is not in fact the floor of Trystan's bedroom - and I smile sheepishly at the couple on the bed.

"So sorry!" I exclaim, averting my eyes as the girl hurries to throw the covers over herself and the guy throws daggers at me with his eyes. "Didn't realise this room would be... Um, occupied..."

"If you want to have sex, kindly knock first so you don't ruin other people's sex," the guy snaps, not seeming embarrassed unlike his partner who was blushing madly and attempting to smooth down her wild red hair.

"Oh god no!" Keeley stammers from behind me, poking her head around me and smiling apologetically. "Look we're so sorry for this, we were just looking for Trystan's room."

"Damian be nice," the girl scolds her boyfriend lightly, trying to compose any dignity she may still hold from being caught doing the dirty dance with no pants as Keeley sometimes refers to it as. "His room is just down the landing, fourth door."

"So get out," Damian adds bluntly.

"Thank you," I smile at the girl, and back out of the room with Keeley already out of there. "So have fun guys and yeah..."

I slam the door shut, and lean against it heavily. For a few seconds Keeley and I just stare at each other, then we burst out into a fit of hysterics. "Did... You... See... His... Face?" Keeley gasps out between bouts of giggles.

I nod, still laughing madly. After I finally manage to control my hysteria. "I sincerely hope they thoroughly clean every bed in this house," I say, and add, "Including anywhere else potential for horny teenagers to...

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