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Love is a very odd thing, confusing and all knowing. It has the ability to tear our entire souls from our body, losing our entire human existence. Once in a lifetime we get an opportunity to find love this strong. For if we were to fall that way again, who knows how off balanced we would truly be.  Two unlikely souls connected by this strange thing we call love. Helping each other out of a broken heart and into an unbalanced world.

She never wanted to fall in love again. Ingrid was done. Done with the whole idea of love.  Basil, his name was what first caught her attention. Ingrid could not picture the kind of parents this boy had in order to name their only child Basil. As odd as the name was Ingrid liked it. She always had a liking for unique names. She was not the kind of girl to fall for looks.  She fell for names.  Basil, however, was very attractive. He had dark green eyes and brown hair that fell in whatever direction it decided to. No matter how often Ingrid ran her fingers through his hair to try and smooth it, it only stuck right back up. His smile was crooked, which Ingrid thought was adorable. When Basil smiled, he got wrinkles in the corners of his cheeks. Ingrid could not figure out what she did wrong. She knew his past, but never thought it would catch up to them.

He hurt. Jericho could not comprehend what just happened.  His sweet innocent Lillie was gone. Snatched right from his grip by some other guy. Jericho was sulking, no longer himself. He missed Lillie’s smile, her laugh and how when they hugged she fit right under his neck. Everyone wanted to help, to be that knight in shining armor that pulled Jericho out of all his heartbreak. Even Lillie tried to help, which just made things worse. In all seriousness, he knew everyone was trying to help with his aching. Only one person could help Jericho. Ingrid.

Jericho could never understand the effect Ingrid had on him. Just seeing her face instantly made him feel safe, and that it is okay to be weak. The problem with Ingrid is she is younger.  From the moment Jericho first saw her, he liked her and just wanted to be near her every second of everyday.  Then he got to know her, and fell deeply in love with her. But since Ingrid was young, he vowed never to tell her. Jericho liked the way her eyes were like those mood rings you got in cereal boxes as a kid. If she was sad they were bright green. When they were blue, she was angry or confused. And best of all, when she was happy they were brown with bursts of green and blue. Her hair was chestnut brown and softer than anything Jericho had ever felt. The problem with loving Ingrid was that even when he was with Lillie, Ingrid was constantly occupying his mind.

Ingrid wanted to help him, more than anything. She could never seem to piece the skew of words flowing in her mind together. Jericho was good at plastering a smile on his face, but Ingrid was good at noticing it was no longer real. Ingrid wished she just told him. Told him all of her feelings before she fell for Basil, before he fell for Lillie. She knew it would have saved herself from an abusive relationship. Ingrid did not understand why someone who loved her would place his hand on her. Giving her bruises and scars. Making her feel worthless. Basil would yell at her saying, “You don’t know what I have been through!” She swore never to tell anyone. She was terrified Basil would come back. If only she had told Jericho how she felt, she would look alive, she wouldn’t have scars and bruises all over her once perfect skin. The only soul that was keeping her alive was Jericho. In everything that had passed and was to come, Ingrid knew he would always be her friend.

Jericho hadn’t seen Ingrid in a long time. Worry possessed his mind. He had a stabbing feeling in his gut that something was not right. Jericho tried to assure himself that he was being ridiculous. They e-mailed each other everyday; surely she would tell him if something was wrong? Jericho could not get the sinking feeling out of his stomach; he knew he should tell Ingrid that she could trust him with anything and everything. But that is not what he sent her. Jericho mentally slapped himself, how could he be so stupid? What gave him the idea that it would be okay to tell her how he felt? He knew she just got out of a relationship, but yet Jericho pours his heart out through an e-mail.

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