Ch. 2

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          I woke up the next morning like any other week day morning by my stupid alarm clock. I sighed turning it off then got up and went into my bathroom and stripped nude and got into the shower turning on the the warm water and began cleaning. Once I was clean I got out dryed off and put on my red bra and underwear then went and undid my braid from yesterday letting my hair fall into flowy waves down my back and put on some gold eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and mascara. After that I went back out into my room and put on a pair of black skinny jeans that made my butt look good, my bustier top that makes my breast look good, and my combat boots. When I was done I put my phone in my pocket and hooked my keys to my pants loop then headed down stairs and into the kitchen. After I put food and water in Rocky bowls I went over to the counter to see a note there. I grabbed it and began reading "Scarlett I talked to Kim and she said she was free when you get out of school so here's the address go there right when you get out you might want to drive though because it's a bet away ok be good love you momxx" I sighed folding it and put it in my back pocket then grabbed a apple and water and headed out the door locking it behind me. 

         As I went over to the car port I decided to take my motorcycle since I miss riding and last night just wasn't enough. Once I had her uncovered I got on and cranked up speeding away while eating my apple. When I got there I parked up front and got off tossing my apple in the trash to the right then headed up the steps and inside seeing some other students staring at my bike. Once I was inside I headed to my locker but was stopped just like yesterday when one of Rick's jock friends landed on the floor in front of me since this time Rick pushed him. He has light surfer blonde hair, aqua blue eyes, light tan skin, muscular, and like 6'0 in height. I hooked my keys to my pants loop then held out my hand to help him. He smiled taking it and I pulled him up "Arin't you jocks just clumsy" I asked shaking my head the guy that still had my hand laughed "Or maybe we just like you helping us" he said rubbing his thumb against my skin I pulled my hand away and laughed "Right your welcome by the way" I said then walked around him and headed to my locker again. Once I got there I got my binder and two pencils out then shut it and stuck my pencils into my front pocket. Right when I turned around I was slammed back into my locker being pinned by hands on my hips making me moan. 

         I looked up and seen the one and only Noah Wolf again yeah me "Well hello to you to" I said rolling my eyes "Aww baby don't be that way" he said and began rubbing the skin that was showing between my top and pants with his thumb "What do you want Noah" I asked "Is that your bike outside" he asked "Yeah why" I asked "It's nice" he said I sighed "Really you pin me to my locker to tell me my bike is nice you couldn't have just walked by and said nice bike or something" I asked raising my eyebrow "What's the fun in that and nice top hell cat I like it" he said I sighed "Can I go" I asked he chuckled "Sure thing baby after I get a peck on the cheek" he said "What why" I asked looking around to see his three friends once again behind him and only a few people around watching "I want one baby just one peck then you can go" he said I sighed "Fine and your weird by the way" I said he chuckled and shrugged "Who cares" he said I rolled my eyes. "Now come on give my my peck" he said turning his head to the side I sighed then leaned in but right before my lips meet his cheek he turned his head and our lips crashed together. As he began moving his lips I tried pulling away put couldn't since he moved the hand that was on my right hip up and held the back of my head. I groaned and gave up moving my lips with his but kept my hands down by my sides even though I wanted so much to lift them up and run my fingers through his hair. After a bet he let me go and took a step back "You dick you can't just kiss people like that" I said then turned and started walking to my class but stopped when I felt a hard slap on my ass. I turned around and stuck my finger up at Noah then continue my way to my class. 

         Once school finally ended I got on my bike and speed away heading to the address my mom gave me to meet Kim. She wasn't lieing when she said it was a bet away but oh well I like riding my bike letting the air rush through my hair. I never like wearing a helmet when riding so I just don't. When I got to the address I was suppose to be I parked in the drive way then got off looking around. I was at her house I guess and it is very nice I sighed and headed over to her porch and up them. When I got to the door it flew open and there stood a beautiful women about in her late thirty's smiling a wide smile. She has natural gold blonde hair, light green eyes, light tan skin, a petite figure, and like 5'8 in height. "Umm hi I'm Scarlett Rain" I said she squealed and pulled me into a tight hug "Oh my you are so beautiful just like your mother" the lady said letting me go "Thank you so you must be Kim" I asked she nodded "The one and only lets go to the kitchen and I can make you some lunch" she said I nodded and followed her through the house. When we got in there I took a seat on the stool at the counter while she went to the fridge. "You like fruit salad" she asked "Sure do" I said she nodded then put me some in a bowl and slid it over to me with a fork and I began eating. "So Scarlett your mom says you would like to get to know me before we start the whole wedding thing" she said I nodded "Yeah like who you are and stuff" I said she nodded "Ok then lets start shall we" she said smiling I nodded and began listening.

          "Alright so my husband died a few years back, I have a daughter named Kate she'll be home in a bit with my son Rick, Kate goes to a all girl school and is 18, Rick goes to your school and is 18 also there both graduating pretty soon like you, the guy I'm marrying is Dave he has a son Noah he is 18 too and is graduating with yall aswel and also goes to your school, ummm I like the color blood red, people say I'm hyper, I love animals, and that's about it" she said I just looked at her for a bit then nodded "Nice now that I got some knowing of you then I would love to be your brides maid" I said finishing off my fruit "Thank god" she said putting my bowl in the sink then tossed me a water which I took a sip off. "MOM WERE HOME" I heard a girl shout then in walked a girl my age with dirty blonde hair, dark green eyes, light tan skin, a slender figure, and like 5'6 in height. "Oh who's this" the girl who I think is Kim's daughter Kate asked coming and took the stool beside me "This is Sarah's daughter Scarlett you know my new brides maid" Kim said smiling and handed her a bowl of fruit "Really oh my your really pretty were going to have to hang out" she said to me I chuckled "Sure" I said then two very familiar guys walked in and I went wide eyed. "What are yall doing here" I asked looking at Rick Young and Noah Wolf who also had shocked faces "We live here what are you doing here" Noah asked I looked at Kim "Guys Scarlett here is my new brides maid Scarlett this is my son Rick and Dave son Noah I guess yall do know each other then" Kim said I sighed and groaned when Noah face went into a smirk and Rick's went into a grin. Yeah me I thought and looked back at Kate as she began telling me stuff about her school. 

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