House of the full moon

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today was the day of the full moon it feels so weird not having Cleo and Rikki here to help heck even Lewis even though he was really only their for Cleo I miss them all

Well I should put on my uniform and go get food



I was down stairs when I saw Emma

She looked so beautiful I want to go up to her and tell that I love but I couldn't just go up to her and do and also because I'm such a whip

She looked and me and smiled before looking back at her food and eating

Shoot I think she saw me look at her

I should say something so she doesn't think I was looking at her

" So Emma how are we going to protect you from the full moon"

I asked her I guess it throw her off a bit cause it took her awhile to answer back

" Well just keep in side no matter what I can't see the full moon or the reflection of the moon but if I do don't let me touch because then bad thing will happen like me lose control of my power we won't want this place feeling like the Arctic now would we"

She said

"No I would well we should get to school we have a big day ahead of us"

She smiled in agreement and we left for school"



I'm so sorry I haven't been updating but school has been a pain

And since this is the last quarter of school before it ends they go light on us

So I will try to get more updates

I won't leave hanging but I need to know what couple do u like best

Eddie and Emma or

Fabian and Emma

Leave your comment on who u like best so I can chose for the next chapter most votes wins

And it starts now

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