Chapter 4: Progress

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As soon as I got to my apartment, I slammed the door behind me and sank to my knees. Only now did I realize how stupid of a reaction that was. What was I thinking, running out like that? How do I always manage to somehow embarrass myself in front of other people?! Even if I am in a different world, it's still just as bad. "I think I'll just sleep." I mumbled, getting up and making my way to my bed. After setting my phone's alarm for 6:00, I sighed and fell asleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In the morning, I made pancakes and played songs from my phone. I didn't start ninja practice or whatever until 8:00, so I had time. While I was dancing around my apartment listening to Crocodile Rock by Elton John, I thought I heard a noise coming from outside my apartment window. But when I looked, no one was there, so I shrugged it off.

I slowly prepared for the 8:00 training session. It wasn't going to be easy, that was certain.

When I arrived five minutes early, surprisingly only Harou-sensei was there. "Where are Toson, Keiki, and Isao?" I asked.

"They will be training by themselves for today. We need to work on your talents right now." Harou-sensei explained.

I nodded in understanding before asking "What's first?"

"These scrolls." Harou-sensei replied, tossing me said scrolls. "Those scrolls have different water and ice jutsus in them that I want you to learn. I am merely here to supervise and help if needed."

'Okay, then...' I thought as I picked up one of the scrolls. 'Let's get started.'

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Eight grueling hours later, I had finally mastered several jutsus, including the Ice Style Doppelgangers, Water Style Doppelgangers, Water Prison Jutsu, Ice Style: Ice Crystal Storm, Ice Style: Ice Dome, Summoning Jutsu, and some minor Healing Jutsus. After all of that, my chakra was nearing zero and I was feeling rather dizzy.

"Maybe it's time you went home." Harou-sensei said when he noticed how beat up I must've looked.

"Thanks, sensei." I called over my shoulder as I slowly ran towards home (with a limp) and, more importantly, the ramen shop.

"Chicken ramen, please." I ordered about two seconds later. My chakra may've been low, but I was STARVING. And for me, food is my next top priority after survival. But still, I miss being at home. I miss my little brother, and the food I used to cook for us. I sighed as the steaming bowl of ramen was placed on the counter in front of me.

Although I have made a significant amount of progress today, why do I have to still feel so empty? I heard approaching footsteps behind me. No sooner than I had looked up from my ramen, I was face to face with Sai, from Naruto's team.




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