The love bus

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~ okay... Here's chapter 3.. I just noticed that I sorta fucking suck at writing because I don't make it long enough.... I need to make it longer. I AM DETERMINED GOD DAMMIT!!! It will be the last thing that I fucking do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok let's just get on with this shit.~

-Kellin's POV-

Everyone's eyes were on me.. It's like they just saw Miley Cyrus or some shit. I don't even understand why everyone's starring at me?! Out of all the people they could stare at. They stare at me! WOOPP DE FUCKING DO. I slowly started walking to the office while everyone's eyes never took them off me. Some girls were drooling. Which I don't get why. Some guys were smirking. Meaning those are the guys I should probably stay away from. And some were just laughing at me.. I finally got out of the death glares and walked in the office.. When I first walked I there I heard screaming. " WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN'T GIVE ME MY PHONE!?! NEWS FLASH LADY ITS MY PHONE AND I DONT REMEMBER GIVING IT TO YOU FOR FUCK SAKES!!" I tried my best not to laugh. The little old lady looked scared out of her mind. " I-I'm sorry but I can't give you your phone. The t-teacher said at the end of the day y-you can get it" The old lady said. The girl huffed and turned around and met eyes with me. " oh, did you umm see that?" She asked while pointing to the lady then back at her. I nodded and smiled. She smiled back and showed her dimples. " I'm Kelly" she said and I shook her hand and smiled at her. " kellin" I said. Kelly had long brown hair with blue and red mixed together at her tips. She kind of looked like an American flag. She had her hair in a scene kind of style and she was wearing black skinny jeans and a bring me the horizon shirt. ( thumbs up for telling you what I look like! XD) I have to say. This girl has a good taste in music. " I like your shirt I complimented. She looked Down at her shirt then gave me a huge smile showing her massive dimples. " you like that band?! Thank god for this amazing child with amazing music taste" she said while getting down on the floor and acting like she was praying to god. I laughed and she smiled. I then remembered that I had to get my schedule. " wait here" I said to kelly. She nodded and I walked to the old lady. " hi, I'm a new student. Can I get my schedule?" I asked. She nodded her head stiffly. "W-what your name sweety" she said. She still looked scared from Kelly. I was laughing so hard in the inside of my head. " kellin quinn botswick" I said. She nodded and typed it in her computer. She then printed out my schedule. She handed it to me then smiled. I smiled back and turned around. When I turned around I got the schedule ripped away from me. I looked up and saw Kelly smile. " we have all classes together except math." She said. " I think you have math with one of my friends. His name is blaze!" She said while jumping up and down. I laughed and she chuckled. " ok let me take you to your first class!" She said and took my wrist and dragged me. It hurt like a bitch because I have dozens of cuts. But I had to act like nothing happened. For about 3 classes Kelly showed me all of her classes. Some of them have her friends in it. I met blaze. He was a cutie. He had black hair, blue eyes, snakebites and his septum pierced. He was wearing black skinny jeans with a asking Alexandria shirt. Then I met one of her other friend skylar. She was really pretty. She had bright red hair, her septum pierced, she was wearing just normal jeans and a crown the empire shirt. Those were the only friends i saw so for. Currently we are walking to lunch right now. " when we first walk in umm people are gonna start laughing. Most of them are petty much hoes so don't worry ok?" She said. I nodded. " I'm used to it" I mumbled very quietly. " I sorry what was that?" Kelly asked. " oh nothing" I mumbled. She have me a curious look but then shrugged it off. If only she knew... We walked in the cafeteria and everyone stopped and people started pointing and laughing. I just shrugged it off cause I was used to it. And so was Kelly I guess. We walked to a table that had 4 people sitting at it. I noticed skylar and blaze right away. I waved to them and they gave me a smile and a wave back. " alright kellin you already know skylar and blaze." She said and they waved. " now it's time for you to meet scar and blue." I waved to both of them. Scar had a scar on his right eyebrow. I could see where he gets the name. Scar had green eyes with black skinny jeans with a black and white belt and a green day shirt. Blue had bright blue hair with hazel eyes. She had a lip ring and angel bites. She was wearing black skinny jeans with a my chemical romance shirt. They waved to me and I waved back.

For the rest of the lunch we all sat down and ate are lunch while talking about are favorite bands and stuff.

The day went on pretty fast and before I knew it I was in my last class with blaze. The class was boring and I wasn't really paying attention.

Then out of no where vic popped up in my head. Why does he keep popping up in my head? I mean. Well. He is rather like I don't know hot! I sound like a high school girl who just got her virginity taken away from me. I mentally cursed and myself. The bell rang making me snap out of my thoughts. I got up and packed my bag and walked with Blake to were they had a little group. None of them were on my bus so I had to go to the bus by myself. I was the first one on the bus because I didn't wanna run into any bullies. I walked on the bus and Vic was sitting there on his phone looking as cute as ever.......

- Vic's POV-

I was on my phone when I heard someone coming on. I look up to see kellin looking back at me. He looked away blushing once he noticed I had caught him. Awweeee! His blushes are so adorable on him. I realized that now I'm the one who is just starring at him now. " hey kellin!" I gave him a goofy grin. He returned it and muttered " hey vic". " so how was your first day of school?" I asked cautually. I actually really wanted to know if he got hurt or not. " oh um. It was fine.." He said. I gave him a frown and right before I was about to speak all the jocks and the worlds biggest sluts came on the bus. " umm excuse me emo freak do you mind moving over" Brittany said. I was suprised at what kellin said. " umm excuse you world biggest slut there are other seats so take your fake ass out of my way and go sit with your 10 boyfriends." Kellin said. Brittany looked taken back then she looked furious and got up. She sat in the seat across then glared at kellin. " hey viccy mind if I sit on your lap? I'm very cold and I'm sure you'll get a great view." Brittany said while winking. I rolled my eyes. " no Brittany go sit by your 10 boyfriends please." She scowled at me and I heard kellin snicker. She got up and strutted her way over to the most popular jock.

I dropped everyone off except Kellin who was the last person for me to drop off. We finally made it to his house and kellin looked and me. His blue crystal eyes looking straight at my dark brown ones. "Thanks for the ride vic" kellin smiled. I chuckled. " well kellin it's my job" I said while bumping his shoulder. He rolled his eyes but then dropped some of his books that he was carrying since it looked like he couldn't fit it in his backpack. I went to help him pick it up but then it happened.... Are hands touched. It was a spark. A firework! I never felt anything happened like that but this! His hands were perfect and warm. And his eyes were looking straight at mine.! UGHH he's perfect!

- Kellins POV-

O.M.F.G . That's all I could say. His hands were perfect and smooth and warm. It was a spark! I don't know if he felt it to but I sure as hell did. Right now we are just looking at each other. His eyes are so memorizing. He leaned in a little bit and I started breathing heavier. But then a car horn took us back to reality. We both jumped back like 5 ft in the air. I scurried back to my pile and grabbed it and walked off the bus. When I first walked in I leaned against the door replaying what just happened over and over in my head. I smiled to myself. I looked out the window to see that the bus was gone. I frowned a little bit. I turned around but was face to face with my father. " WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT SON?!" My dad yelled. " I-I dropped m-my books a-and the b-bus driver w-was just helping m-me." I said. " YOU WERE FUCKING LATE! I TOLD YOU TO BE HERE AT 3:00 EXACTLY! IT'S 3:10 RIGHT NOW! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?" My father asked with his usual evil grin. I gulped because I knew exactly what that meant. Beating.... My dad punched me in the stomach multiple times. He knew that no one would see. People started asking so that's why we moved. Punches came left and right I till I was on the floor in pain. I knew not to whine or cry because that just means more beatings. Ones he was satisfied he left me there. I crawled up the stairs slowly. I didn't feel like cutting tonight mostly because I couldn't move. Instead I just laid there and cried myself to sleep...

~ finally I finished this shit!! It took me like all fucking morning bit I did it! And I'm proud! Well I hope you like it!! Byeee~

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