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Bay's POV

Ashton and I arrived back at his house while having a heated argument about who was a better superhero: Batman or Captain America. 

"Captain America is clearly better because of his kick ass shield." I said with a matter- of - fact tone. 

"Um, I think Batman is better because he has an awesome side- kick. I mean Robin Hood is awesome! And have you seen his bat- mobile?!" Ashton argued, looking at me with a dumb founded look. 

"Whatever." I simply stated and Ashton was clearly not going down without a fight. 

"Whatever? That's all you have to say?!" he paused before continuing,"This is not over." 

I chuckled as we stood in front of his house. Anne must have been watching because she interrupted the silence quite loudly. 

"Good, you guys are back!" she exclaimed while walking over to us. 

I smiled in return and so did Ashton, "I was wondering if your mom and dad would want to come over for dinner tonight. My treat." she asked, but more so implied. 

"Sure, I'm certain that they would love to." I told her with a smile. 

"Great! Well, you're welcome to come inside and hang out with us until then." said Anne walking back toward the house. "Oh, and come over at 6!" she added shouting as she went into the house. 

I turned back to Ashton and he already had my wrist in his hand pulling me toward the house. I scrunched my nose as he was gripping where the cuts were. I didn't mind though because I couldn't be mad at him. Never. 

"What are you doing?" I asked as we walked into the house. 

"We are gonna go up to my room. I want to show you something." he said with a grin. 

I didn't argue as Ashton pulled me up the stairs, down the hall, and into his box littered bedroom. A queen sized bed was in the corner neatly made with a black comforter and batman pillows covering the top. 

"Nice pillows." I told him laughing slightly. 

"Thanks, I take pride in them." he said taking a seat at the edge of his bed and patting the spot next to him ushering me to sit down. I smiled at him and took a seat. 

"So, what did you want to show me?" I asked curious of what it might be. 

Ashton rumaged through a box next to his bed and pulled out what seemed to be a comic book. Actually, he took the whole box onto his lap and was counting the comic books inside. 

"Okay, they are all here." he said handing me the box. 

"Ashton, why do I have a box of your comic books?" I asked confused. 

He smiled his cute dimply smile and explained, "You're gonna read all the Batman comics that I have and then that'll change your mind." 

I sighed and looked into his green- hazel eyes and said, "FIne, but you have to do something for me." I said grinning evily. 

Ashton looked at me and said, "What?" 

I put the box down and straddled his lap quickly, pinning his hands down with my knees, just how he did earlier. He looked at me and stated, "You're good." I smirked at his remark and quickly went to tickling his sides. 

He giggled like a little girl which caused me to start laughing. I continued to torture him as I told him what I wanted him to say. 

"Say 'Bay is the best and so is Captain America'." I told him with a smirk now on my face. He kept laughing and finally gave into my command. 

"Fine, fine. Bay is the best and so is Captain America." I stopped tickling him and quickly got off his lap as he lied there on his bed trying to catch his breath. 

"You are a sneaky one." he managed to pant out. 

I chuckled as he sat up in a sitting position. 

"Now we're even." I told him smiling happy with myself. 

"I guess we are." he said running one of his large hands through is messy bondish- brown waves. 

"I'm gonna go take these home." I told him picking up the box full of comic books. "And I'm gonna tell my mom the dinner plans." I said while making my way to his door with the box in my hands. 

"I'll help you." Ashton said, getting up and walking over to me. 

"Ashton I think I can carry one box." I said sassy. 

He frowned a little and I felt bad for saying it. 

"What's wrong?" I asked him, genuinely concerned. 

"Can I come with you?" he asked blushing. 

"Of course." I smiled looking into his eyes.

He opened the door for me and I thanked him. We  walked down the hall and down the stairs to the front door. 

"I'm gonna go to Bay's house!" Ashton shouted as we walked out the door into the afternoon sun. 

I was struggling with the box a little and soon enough Ashton grabbed it from my hands. 


"No problem. See you did need my help." he laughed. I pushed him playfully as we crossed the street toward my house. 

I opened the door for him as we walked inside. 

"Your house is really nice." he said sweetly. 

"Thanks. My room is up here." I walked up the stairs with Ashton following behind me. 

I opened my bedroom door for Ashton and he walked in. He set the box down and looked around. 

"Wow." he said astonished at my walls covered in pictures, quotes, music lyrics, etc. 

"Yeah." I replied. He kept wondering around reading all the stuff on my walls. 

"You like Blink 182? And All Time Low?" he asked looking dumbfounded. 

"Yeah. I like a variety of music." I smiled sitting at the edge of my bed. 

"That's so cool. I've never met a girl that liked that kind of music." I blushed and sat there watching him. 

Once he was finished, he came to sit next to me on my bed. 

"Your room is awesome." he said looking at me. 

"Thanks. It's kinda like a get away." I said looking around. 

"Yeah. That's nice to have somewhere to go when things get hard." I smiled at his thoughtfulness. When he said that I realized that he didn't really have anywhere here, since he just moved. 

"You can share my get away." I said looking into his eyes. 

He cracked a smile. "When things get hard for you, you are welcome to come here. My get away will be yours too." I told him truthfully. 

Ashton let out a sigh and put his head on my shoulder, "God Bay. I just met you, but you're amazing." 

I laughed at his compliment and leaned my head on his and said, "So are you, Ashton. So are you." 

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