Part 2

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Connor and Altair are perched precariously on a narrow metal beam suspended 100ft off the ground, laughing so hard that they are afraid for their lives. Altair has just dared Connor to jump off into the river. Connor accepts but as he leaps, he grabs hold of Altair's jacket. Altair is sent hurtling down into the river, landing just in time to see Connor gracefully enter the water and barely make a splash. They both resurfaced gasping for breath, and laughing harder than ever, when a small mob of angry looking people coming their way. The two men looked at each other, smiled, then ran as fast as their legs could carry them, laughing all the way home.

"Altair? Altair! Anyone home?" Hannah asked, her face swimming back into view.

"Sorry, I spaced out for a minute there, what were you saying?" Altair apologised.

"As I was saying, Connor has just been informed about a potential leak, telling us the whereabouts of Ezio." Hannah repeated. Altair's eyes widened as a look of shock and excitement replaced the apologetic look he was wearing. His mind quickly formed a plan of action and he gathered the others closer to tell them what it was he was thinking.

"Right, I have a plan, but Hannah, if you want to take part you'll have to train for at least 2 more weeks, sorry." Altair said. Hannah sighed and asked Altair to tell them his plan.

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