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My first wattpad story, so please enjoy.

*Baby Mama's POV*

April 22nd, 1999 12:45am

" Congratulations Ms.Kinghorn, your baby daughter has been born!"

I looked towards the nurses hand to see a baby. A regret . I didn't want this baby. I didn't even love the baby father. Now I'm stuck with another child ? I told Lamar to use a condom.

I held my arms out to hold her for the first time. Taking a deep look at her, she looked like him. Eyes, nose , mouth, lips. Ugly . I shake my head in disgust.

"This is my baby?" I asked the nurse

"Um, yes it is, is there a problem?"

I gave her cut eye and kissed my teeth, yes there was a fucking problem. I don't need another damn monkey running around my fucking place.

"Have you thought of a name yet?" She asked happily, I could tell that goose faced bitch was acting fake.

"Ya, name it Kayana Lolita ."

"And whose last name will she be under"

I thought long and hard. Lamar cheated on me when I was seven months pregnant. Lied. Stole from me. Abused me and I still stuck to him like super glue. I need to get back at his ass.


The nurse left the room with the baby, and shut the door behind her. Tears flooded down from my eyes to the bed sheet. Why the hell did he leave me for a thot. I already got an 5 year old. And here I am, in the same hospital five years later giving birth at age 21. The goose faced nurse returned with some pills and a Dixie cup, without looking at me she walked over to the water fountain filling it up halfway, then making her way to me.

"I'll need you to take these, just for sleep." Was all she said while handing me the pills and Dixie cup.

I popped it in my mouth quickly and drank the water. Couple seconds I could see the room going black.

I realize it was very short, but this is just the prologue, so should I keep or delete? Comment / Vote & yeah , thanks guys!

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