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We got back into the pool and we were having a mean splashing fight.

"Ill get you vicky!!" I yelled. "no ya want cuzz!" She yelled back.

"You two are wierd" Luke said. "Rachel why are friends with them?" He asked

"I dont know" She smiled and splashed Ashton.

"Is that a wasp?" i screamed. "Fuck!" i dipped under water. When i cane back up Luke and Vicky was laughing. "Shutup!" i said The wasp landed on Vicky and stung her.

"Ow!" She screamed. "Hahahahahahahhahahah" I laughed. "Thats not funny" Luke said going over to her. "She laughs at me when i get stung?" I said.

"So that doesnt mean laugh at her" He said.

"Its not a big deal guys" Rachel said 'Exactly" I said.
Luke and Vicky got out and talked for a while.

"Really?" i yelled
Ashton got out and walked inside. "Hows it going with Ashton?" I asked. "Good, i think he likes me." She said.

I got out and walked inside.
"Ashton?" i said. "What the hell are you doing?!" he was kissing someone else.

"Um i-i please dont tell Rachel...." He said.

"Don't tell me what?" She came in and stood beside me. "Um-" i looked at him and he looked at her with.... i dont know how to explain it. He liked her i can tell. It would kill her. "Nothing Rach." I said.

"Luke stop" I heard Vicky laugh He tickled her sides and i watched in pure jealousy. "The fuck?" I said. He faced me and a few inches from me. "Your are just going to ditch me for my cousin! She doesnt like you for god sakes! She is datin someone anyways!" I said yelling at him.

"Whats wring with you santana?" Luke said. "You like her now...Your feelings just switched! I thought we was having something good and and.....Your suck a fucking Di-"

My left cheek stung i put my hand on it and looked at Luke. He slapped me.

"Luke, what the hell!" Rachel screamed. My dad was at the door staring right at Luke. "Luke." My dad said.
"Santana, im so sorry i didn't mean it i swear! I-I" I ran outside into a field laying down weeping.


The song say something cane on when i wrote this....

Luke gon get these hands lol

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