Chapter 11- The Date

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I open the door and I see a tall person, which I presume is Joey, standing at my door with a bunch of flowers covering his face.

"Guess who?" He says trying to disguise his voice.

"Um Harry Styles" I say laughing at his poor attempt.

"Nope" He says then taking the flowers away from his face and handing them to me

"Aw even better, are these for me" I say blushing and admiring the beautiful flowers

"Of course" Joey says smiling at me as I put the flowers in some water.

"Shall we go?" I ask as I grab my phone and purse

"We shall" Joey says whilst linking his arm with mine.

We walked down the hallway and out of the apartment block then over to Satsuki. Joey opened the door for me and I sat in the passengers seat. He then went over to the other side and sat in the drivers seat, started up the engine and began driving.

"You look absoultely beautiful tonight Brooke" Joey says taking his eyes of the road to meet mine and breaking the silence after a few minutes.

I didn't really know how to respond to that. No one has ever called me beautiful before. Infact not many people have really had a nice word to say about me back in Florida, but I won't really go into detail about that, it stil hurts to think about it all now...

"Um thanks, so where are you taking me?" I reply trying to change the subject

"It's a suprise" Joey says winking at me then looking back at the road.


After about another 15 minutes in the car where me and Joey were making small talk he had finally pulled up infront of a beautiful restaraunt. It looked quite small on the outside but it still looked perfect. Joey came over and opened the door for me to get out where he then took my hand and led me into the resauraunt. When we got inside it actually seemed to be bigger than it looked on the outside.

"Hello do you have a reservation here tonight?" The host asked us

"Yes, Graceffa" Joey replied still holding my hand

"Ah yes, please follow me" The host said. 

We followed her to our table. The table Joey had booked was a table right out the back with only a few more tables out there, one of which had another couple sitting at. The place was stunning though. Our table was right near the back with roses in the center, the back of the restauraunt was all lit up with fairy lights and candles. In the middle was a little gazebo where a group of violinists were playing music quietly(Imagine the gazebo looks something like the picture attatched to the side but with violinists). The setting reminded me of something of a film. It reminded me of something that you would see in Paris it was so beautiful. I was to busy admiring the place that I didn't even notice we had already been seated at our table and Joey had asked me a question.

"Sorry what?" I say completely clueless making Joey laugh

"I just asked if you liked this place?" Joey said whilst handing me a menu

"Are you kidding, it is amazing! " I say picking up the menu and beggining looking at it.

" I knew you would like it" Joey says doing the same

"How?" I say raising an eyebrow 

"Don't you remember,when me and Sawyer took you on the tour you said how you wanted to go to Paris because you liked all the scenery and how the cafes were. I couldn't take you to Paris so I thought this is the closest to Paris I could get you" Joey said smirking at me.

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