Chapter Twenty Seven.

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Chapter Twenty Seven: Wait for me...please? Part I

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Ashley's P.O.V------------------------------

As soon as we get to the hospital we get stuck in the waiting room. Some other people are there, a mom and her kids then a Guy with his friend. Of course the mom looks at us then looks away quickly. The Guy however looks and smiles. Hmmm. Ryan, CC, and Andy are sitting across from me with their faces blank. Andy is still holding her phone, her cases always made me smile. I have no idea why but it does. CC is fiddling with his hands and Ryan is just staring. I wonder what they're thinking about.

CC's P.O.V-----------------------------------

I hate waiting rooms always have always will. There's nothing changing that. Some one needs to bring wipes or something because were all a mess. Maybe if I text Jake he'll bring some, no lets see if they know. Yeah that's what Rayne would do, she would know what to bring. Haha yeah that's what Rayne would do, that's Rayne for ya.

Ryan's P.O.V--------------------------------

Watching and waiting is really pissing me off. I shouldn't have let her go out there. I turn my head and see Andy clutching Rayne's phone, that's the only part we have of her right now besides my bracelet. A nurse comes out with a bag and looks around.

"Rayne Torres?" She announces, we stand up. She walks towards us and hands me the bag.

"These are her belongings, another nurse will be here momentarily to update you on her condition. But in the meantime do you Guys need anything?" Andy nods then clears his throat.

"If it doesn't cause you any trouble would you mind getting us some towels?"

"Of course not! I'll bring them up right away."

"Thank you." We all say, sitting down as she walks away.

Andy's P.O.V--------------------------------

The nurse leaves, I look down at Rayne's phone and look at my reflection. I must have been crying, everyone has. I hope that nurse comes back fast, I really want that mom to stop looking at us like that. My phone starts vibrating, I take it out of my pocket and see it's Juliet.


"Hey babe, where are you? I went to your bus and you guys aren't there, the bus isn't there and no one is telling me anything. Everything is being cleaned up."

"Were at the hospital, something happened at our set. With Rayne, the guys probably took the bus. Find Kevin or Kenny they can tell you everything."

"Okay I will. Hopefully Rayne is okay."

"Me too."

"I'll call you later, love you Andy."

"Okay bye I love you too." With that she hung up.

We sit in silence, no one wants to talk unless they have to. I can't wait for Jinxx and Jake to get here. I shouldn't have let her go out there, I told her not to. I should've forced her in the bus and stay there. She's so stubborn, performing is what she loves to do and I couldn't take that away from her. I just couldn't.

Jake's P.O.V---------------------------------

We decided to take the bus, Kevin said okay so we took it. We had to take Paul as well. He was like family, we've had the same driver for three years so we got to know him. Vic and his band are behind us with their bus. Kevin said it was okay just for two days that Pierce The Veil is coming with us. Jinxx is sitting on the vanity with his head in his hands.

"Jinxx, she's going to be okay."

"You don't know that Jake."

I decide to keep quiet while he thinks. I take off my makeup and get some clothes together for the guys. I don't think they want to be in their stage costume all night. I go past Rayne's  bunk and sigh, open Ryan's not Rayne's. I open Ryan's and grab him some sweats and a random shirt in his slot. I grab everyone the same thing practically; black pants and a tee-shirt.

"Alright guys, lets go park and then get up to the guys." Paul announces as he pulls into the parking lot. He turns on his radio and gets connected to PTV's bus.

"Hey Foster, you there man?"

"Right here Paul, where do you want us to park?"

"Uhh lets park over here on the right, there's enough space and you can just park on the side of us."

"Alright will do. We'll have someone go in and tell the hospital."

"Okay, see ya when we park."


Paul turns and reverses into the parking spaces. He parked horizontal so he took up about seven-eight spaces. Foster Parks next to us so we don't take up to many spaces. I grab my Duffle and my phone. Jinxx grabs the laptops and chargers, time to go inside. Time to face the unthinkable.


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