School ends round about 2 everyday in SA

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Just before I was about to get in to my dads car Tayla, Lauren and I exchanged phone numbers so that we could whatsapp eachother if needed.

"Hey, how was your first day?" my dad asked as I got in the car.

"Hey, it was good. Probably pulled my socks up like 20 times today. Have two new friend."

My dad smiled at that, liking the idea of me already having friends. "And? How are they?"

"They're cool. They talk a lot though, but that might just be because it was my first day."


It was a 10 minute drive from school to home. My dad dropped me off, then headed back to work. I decided that I would make myself some lunch, get changed and then watch some TV.

While watching TV I heard my phone. *Beep* *Beep*

I got up and took my phone off the kitchen counter.

Checking my phone I noticed I had two whatsapps.

Tayla: Hey, wanna sleep over at Lauren's house with me this weekend?

          :It's Tayla by the way

I replied saying that I would ask my dad but that it shouldn't be an issue.

To pass the time I just sat watching TV, waiting till my dad would come home at 5. But unfortunately I fell asleep.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It was time to get ready for the sleepover at Lauren's house. I grabbed a bag and put my pj's in, along with other clothes and toiletries. Lauren had already given me road by road directions to her house so that I wouldn't get lost. I was excited about the sleepover but also nervous, I was about to meet Lauren's mom and brother. Would they approve of me? I was shy around people I didn't know very well, which meant that tonight would be slightly awkward for me.

I grabbed my bag and went through to the kitchen to make myself some coffee before I left. My dad was in the lounge, doing some paperwork.

"Dad, you want some tea or coffee?"

"Coffee would be great thanks."


I grabbed two cups and made the coffee, then took them to the lounge. I gave my dad his cup and sat next to him.

"You ready to go yet, Dad?"

"To do what?"

"To drop me off..?"

"Why? Where you going?"

"To Lauren's house, remember?" He looked at me confused, so I elaborated, "To sleepover."

A look of remembrance covered his face, "Oh yah, shit. I just want to finish my coffee and put on shoes then I'm all good."

"Ok, cause it's like 6 o'clock already."

He looked at his watch and nodded at me.

He downed his coffee, put on his shoes and grabbed the car keys. "Ok lets go, Kenz."

I looked at him like 'wtf' and pointed at my coffee cup. So he took it out of my hands and downed it for me. "Dad! What did you do that for!?"

"You pointed at it, so I thought you were asking me to drink it for you."

"You know I wasn't!"

He grinned at me, showing that he indeed knew I wasn't. I grabbed my bag and took the directions off the kitchen counter, "since my coffee is now finished", I gave my dad a pointed look, "we can leave." We got in the car and followed the directions to the best of our ability, almost getting lost twice.

"This is it, Kenz. Number 7 Roberts Street. I think. Go knock and find out."

"Thanks dad", I got out the car and headed over to their front door.

I rang the doorbell that was on the frame of their wooden door and looked back to my dad. He smiled at me, a smile that showed me how proud he was of me. How happy he was that I had new friends. The door opened and I looked back to see an attractive teen boy, with blue eyes and dark brown hair. He raised his eyebrows at me, "Can I help you?"

I opened my mouth, then closed it again, unsure what to say.

He smirked at me, probably think that he was the shit.

I finally opened my mouth and said something. "Um, I'm looking for Lauren?"

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