mints pov (skylawrites person)


hi im mint. i can be shy but out going at the same time. i have black hair and its long wth short front bangs. my eyes are brown. my best friend is charlotte.



hi you know my name. im funny, nerdy, and a bookworm. my bron hair is always in a high pont tail. my eyes are blue. and my bff is mint.



well today is the day i go to school. i have been dredding this day so much you dont even know right now. ive always been bullied. and im scared. i have a helper well two. one is mint and the other is charlotte. i hope their not mean or popular. if they are im gonna be lost.

TIME SKIP!@#$%^&*&(_

so im at school and i got my timetable.

1) maths 2) s.s 3) science 4)music 5) ela 6) tech 7) art

i love my classes and i think i see my helpers. "ello im essie and you are-"

" hi im mint this is charlotte and i see we have all classes together" she said YES i said to my self. they were laughing. "i said that out loud didnt i" they nodded. well to is going to be fun


hi guys sorry i havent updated in a while i have been busy. i have half my class reading this story. hi peps this is abby. aka justice as you can see it is to late to enter but i will have more contests so keep a look out and have fun reading the story!


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