Chapter 3

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The two gruff men grab Raja by the arms and throw him down a long staircase. He sees some light but then the door slams and the room instantly becomes dark.

Not knowing what lies ahead Raja takes his first steps into the unknown. out of nowhere an old man approaches him and slaps him across the face.

"Do you know vhat i have to do now?"

Said the man

"What?" I replied

"I have to share this tiny room with you"

The man moves his hand swiftly behind me and flicks on a switch to reveal a large room with Oreo walls and cream ceilings and floors. everything was made out of Oreos.

"For three years I've been stick in this smelly dungeon".

"What happened to you?" I ask

"The king banished me here for selling my food around these parts. apparently he does not appreciate it when the villagers die of food poisoning, but they just couldn't handle my spice." said the man

"Well, time to get out of here" I cunningly said.

"But how! It's impossible." exclaimed the man

"I Sidak Kanwar have tried to get out of this cage since the day I got in" shouted the man

"If only I hadn't fed my food to the king, to my friend. maybe then things would have been different."

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